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Now what.. my consultant is rubbish!

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countingdowntobedtimeagain Wed 08-Aug-18 20:44:48

I’ve reached my target .. now what?

Do I keep paying?

If I keep following the plan surely I’ll keep losing weight which I don’t want to do anymore?

I’ve tried asking my consultant but she just promises a book to follow that never appears!

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Groovee Wed 08-Aug-18 21:01:36

You should have got a slim for life booklet.

You don't pay as long as you aren't 3lb above target or 3lb below. You get a grace week to get back in range. I find I bounce about a lot.

My consultant suggested adding 1 A&B choice to my usual menus. He talked about it being cheese on toast. I added 5 extra syns a day too.

If that doesn't work then maybe another health extra a and b.

Sorry you are getting no help. I would flag it up with SW HQ as they only just released their new plan and the consultant was to give the book to existing members who are at target too.

countingdowntobedtimeagain Wed 08-Aug-18 21:21:35

Well I hit target 2 weeks ago, I missed last week because I was poorly but went this week. I was charged for a week, if I’ve hit target should I not have got both weeks free? Or is it because I didn’t go I’ve been charged?

The consultant just seems to have a little group of people she bothers with and everyone else sort of muddles along.

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Groovee Wed 08-Aug-18 21:59:57

I'd double check that as it sounds like your PAT which is your target weight hasn't been logged on the tablet as it would all be automatic that you no longer pay.

Tbh your consultant sounds like my old one. She moved away and it transpires only a few people even care that she's gone. She had her clique and quite a few of them didn't like her.

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