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How many syns a day?

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minniemummy0 Sun 05-Aug-18 22:18:59

Does anyone know the rules on how many syns you are allowed a day by what weight you are?

Also, is it different for men?

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YerAuntFanny Sun 05-Aug-18 22:28:28

Up to 16st - 5-15 syns per day.
Up to 20st - 5-20 syns per day.
Up to 25st - 5-25 syns per day.

Men are allowed 10 extra.

YerAuntFanny Sun 05-Aug-18 22:29:35

Sorry, that should be over 20st not up to 25!

minniemummy0 Mon 06-Aug-18 08:01:29

Thank you!

When it says 5-X, do they recommend you don’t go lower than 5 a day (I am joining in a couple of weeks, but it takes me time to process stuff so I’m trying to plan in advance... also my partner said he’ll do the plan but not go to meetings hence asking about syns for men).

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florriepeck Mon 06-Aug-18 18:47:55

You should have at least 5 syns a day: this is what my SW Consultant always advises members, to keep your metabolism ticking over.
Along with free foods and healthy extras, syns are part of the daily plan.

ems137 Sat 11-Aug-18 07:40:54

So my husband went to his first meeting on weds and came home totally determined to do it properly. I've never done SW so don't really know the rules etc. He told me he can have 35 syns per day, does that sound right? He was 19st 12lbs, 6ft 3in if that's relevant?

florriepeck Mon 13-Aug-18 08:32:25

I have been going to SW meetings for years, and I've never heard the Consultant tell male SW members that they can have syns above the normal 15 a day limit, only that they should eat free foods to satisfy their appetite.
Maybe I have missed something, if that is what his Consultant has told him.

Butternutsqoosh Thu 16-Aug-18 06:36:01

It is definitely more for men but 35 does sound a lot I thought it was 25...maybe get him to text his consultant just to check?

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