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Having a bad week

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Liskee Sun 08-Jul-18 12:37:37

So I've kind of sabotaged myself this week. Too many external influences and now I'm 3 days from weigh in, suffering from a mild hangover and thinking fuck it all. Pass me the dairy milk and sausage butties. Please send me support and reassurance that one bad week doesn't matter in the grand scheme of a hoping for 7 stone weight loss!

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Betty74 Sun 08-Jul-18 15:48:45

One bad week is nothing!
Laugh it off and carry on!
Have you had fun this week?
I always say when I hit 70 I wanna remember all the fun I had, not the time I swapped a chocolate bar for a carrot stick.
I’m not saying diets are bad (fuck, I start one every Monday and last til Thursday if I’m lucky) but just enjoy yourself as well! Xx

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