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ALittleBitConfused1 Wed 04-Jul-18 10:53:33

I think SW is not only helping me loose weight (only been back on it 2 weeks) but also helping me readjust my attitude towards alcohol.
I was a come home and have a couple of wines girl. And then out most weekends since ive been single. Over the year it became a habbt i wanted to get out of for obvious health reasons.
The thing is i work hard during the week and i often meet up with friends at the weekend so i had to find something that worked for me, as i like a drink when im out with the girls etc.
I weigh in on a saturday so i flexi syn on a saturday/sunday. Ive switched to vodka soda and a splash of sugar free lime at home/friends houses or vodka and diet coke when im out. I keep track of how many syns i drink. If im doing stuff at home or at friends houses i pre measure a set amount of syn values of vodka out , take the syns off of my weekly amount and then i know if i dont under estimate what ive used.
The remaining syns i use throughout the week on food. Hi fi bars or mayonaise etc.
It works for me. Means i can still socialise, have a drink, stay within my syns allowance but has also helped me reduce my drinking to one weekend night and afternoon a week.

fromtheshires Tue 03-Jul-18 13:13:36

generally light alcohol such as vodka and gin are lower in calories therefore syns.

Personally I dont really count alcohol if its just a single nightcap and its never stopped my almost 6 stone weight loss since January.

If im drinking a lot I will syn my drinks

CherieBabySpliffUp Sun 24-Jun-18 14:44:15

If you miss the ale could you drink a bitter shandy using diet lemonade?

Cantreachthefatscrubs Sun 24-Jun-18 14:41:52

I've tried vodka and pepsi max this week. Its morish lol. 3 syns single vodka

Banana8080 Fri 22-Jun-18 18:54:35

How do you guys manage if you drink? Gin/vodka and low cal mixer? I’m an ale drinker so need to switch.... it’s probably the ale that has made me need to do SW!!

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