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How much do you spend on your weekly shop?

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MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Mon 11-Jun-18 16:09:03

Just curious as to how much people spend on their weekly/monthly SW shop?

Before I started SW and had my DS, I was only spending £20-£25 a week for my DH and I. When I had my DS, I was spending about £40 a week for a family of 3 and then after I started SW, I am spending about £100-£110 every fortnight! I do my main shop in Aldi, and any other stuff that I can't get from Aldi I just get it from Morrison's. I always try and shop in the cheapest supermarkets to save money.

I have noticed my shopping bill has definitely increased. I think it is totally worth it but yeah not good on the bank balance when you got other bills to pay shock

What about you?! And how many are there in your household? Where do you shop?

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BettyBettyBetty Mon 11-Jun-18 22:15:02

Definitely gone up since we started SW, but we're not having takeaways or eating out really anymore so saving money that way!

We spend around £75-100 a week on food for 3 of us which is embarrassing! We do an Aldi and an Ocado shop.

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