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What is your motivation for losing weight?

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3catsadogaboyandahubby Sat 09-Jun-18 11:05:57

I have been an SW member for AGES... and I am finding it really hard to get my motivation for slimming.

At first, it was to show social workers that I was committed to the Adoption process (it was definitely a hoop to leap through for that) and I did really well. And once the Adoption went through and was finalised, it all went to hell in a handcart.

Please, give me some inspiration!! I have never been thin, I have always had problems with my weight, but I don't know how to keep my motivation for staying on track!!

MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Mon 11-Jun-18 16:04:02

Mine was mainly because I just didn't feel confident in myself. After I had my DS, I gained 3.5 stone, and that's the highest weight I have ever been. I looked and felt disgusted with myself! I was fed up of wearing leggings and long stretchy tops all the time. I had enough and decided to change my life for the better! My DS also eats healthy and nutritious meals, because I eat fruit and veg so he does too. I never touched salad, fruit or vegetables before I started SW but now I am obsessed with them! You can do it... Just think how badly do you want it? No food ever tastes as good as being and feeling thin does! All the best. We are all in it together x

Groovee Tue 12-Jun-18 05:22:59

I needed to reduce my BMI for surgery. Surgery was successful and I decided I wanted to lose more. It's 12 weeks since I reached target.

I'm happy where I am now. But maintaining has been hard.

ClickHip Tue 12-Jun-18 17:28:15

Health reasons. If I'm stressed I find it hard, so I couple it with practising self care and trying to look after myself genrally. That helps me to refocus

MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Tue 12-Jun-18 19:33:22

@Groovee you look amazing!

Groovee Tue 12-Jun-18 19:58:31

Thanks @MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup

Kahlua4me Tue 12-Jun-18 22:06:14

Groovee you look amazing and so much younger. Your photos alone will give me motivation to stick to plan. I want to see that change in myself!

For me, my motivation is to get back to target. I had originally lost 3 stone to reach target and then my mum died very suddenly. The grief has been overwhelming and I have slowly put most of it back on 😟. I am now trying hard to get back on the right path for me and because my mum would want me to.

My original motivation was to be healthy and to eat healthily most of the time as a good plan for the children for their future. When I did get to target I was delighted as I finally looked in the mirror as I did in my head! It is so much better for the dc when we are eating better as they then eat better and are learning to cook decent meals from scratch.

Good luck with your journey.

Kahlua4me Tue 12-Jun-18 22:08:03

Sorry that was a bit too long 😐

donaldtwerp Tue 12-Jun-18 22:10:32

Groovee you look 20 years younger!!

JessicaJonesJacket Tue 12-Jun-18 22:20:10

My motivation was reaching a clothes size that I'd never thought I'd see. I realised I had to do something or I'd just keep getting bigger and bigger.
I knew I wanted to be fitter for playing with DC, etc, but it was actually seeing the label on the clothes that motivated me.

chocolatespiders Tue 12-Jun-18 22:25:47

Health is a big for me and after watching the panorama programme on diabetes last year it was the push I needed.
I am a single parent and if I am no longer around - my children have no one.
I find it very very hard though.

Bridechilla Tue 12-Jun-18 22:37:12

Swit-swoo Groovee look at your teeny waist!

My motivation is impending nuptials, it it's supposed to be anyway blush

Neolara Tue 12-Jun-18 22:37:33

Bloody hell Groove! You've done amazingly. Massive congratulations.

Groovee Wed 13-Jun-18 06:01:23

Thank you. In 2 years I have lost 5st 6.5lbs. It's a journey not a race x

ElinorOliphantIsCompletelyFine Wed 13-Jun-18 06:13:53

My motivation is my mum, as in, I dont want to end up like her.

She has diabetes, kidney failure, has had 3 strokes, and is obviously very unwell. She has always been overweight. When we were children, she always made sure we had fruit and veg, but I don't remember her eating very much of it herself.

I am not terribly overweight - I am a size 12. But I used to be a size 8 naturally (didn't diet at all). University, desk jobs, and now a kid kind of ruined all that. I'm not sure I will ever be a size 8 again, but I just want to be healthier.

Groovee you look amazing!

titsbumfannythelot Wed 13-Jun-18 06:37:16

Fab pictures @Groovee, great motivation for the day ahead

BangPippleGo Fri 15-Jun-18 08:41:37

Same as you OP! Now the AO has been granted I want to continue to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle as birth mum has t2 diabetes and I want to role model healthy behaviours for my DS smile

BettyBettyBetty Fri 15-Jun-18 22:42:51

I've been obsessively watching 'Ambulance' and it's SO good but I'm terrified of being so big that they need to call for an extra crew if I ever had an emergency, cos the paramedics wouldn't be able to lift me.

Also we have Cineworld Unlimited cards cos I love the cinema. But it's a tight squeeze into the seats that hurt my hips.

MattLeBlancVest Fri 22-Jun-18 22:15:30

A few different reasons for me.

None of my clothes fit and I didn't want to buy more

I'm coming up to late 30's and I don't want to be 40 and fat.

I put on weight with pregnancies and breastfeeding and I want to "reclaim" my body now all that is over. To get it back to roughly what it was before.

The main one is that I want to be a good role model for my children. Good healthy eating with occasional treats and a good body image.

MattLeBlancVest Fri 22-Jun-18 22:16:14

Also @groovee you look amazing! You Must be so proud of yourself. X

overnightangel Fri 22-Jun-18 22:21:17

@groovee you look great you look about 20 yrs younger!

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