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Slimming world virgin

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MozzchopsThirty Mon 04-Jun-18 18:03:36

I'm going to my first group tomorrow

I have 7-10lbs to lose

I always think I eat well and exercise regularly but just can't seem to shift this half a stone

So any tips?
Great snack ideas?
Insider know how?

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TooMuchCheesecake Mon 18-Jun-18 17:18:05


How are you getting on with it? I've just joined today for the 1st time, it all seems a bit confusing at the mo!
Struggling to think of meals confused

LellyM Tue 19-Jun-18 16:59:08

I am back on Slimming World. Previously DH and I each lost well over 10 stn but we fell off the wagon in a big way so now we are starting it again. So far I am 3 stn down and never really feel hungry.

It does work - I know the plan sounds weird but it works. I followed the green plan and tried to avoid using any syns. Basically I would base every meal around free food so I would have a pile of pasta with a veg sauce of some kind or a pile of rice with the same. Herbs and spices became life savers as a spicy bean chilli doesn't taste even remotely restricted but if you make it with no fat then it is syn free. Muller lite yoghurts were another life line as you could have something sweet without being naughty.

I am back on the wagon as I have health reasons for wanting/needing to lose weight. But, unlike last time, I do have the odd G&T!!


Screaminginsideme Mon 02-Jul-18 20:41:11

Just remember 1/3 plate speed food.

I save my syns for treats so most of my meals are syn free.

ALittleBitConfused1 Wed 04-Jul-18 11:29:01

I flexi syn at the weekend so normally eat syn free during the week apart from the odd few for gravy or mayo.
I try to stick to the same meals i used to have but just cook them differently.
So last night during footie we had burgers (homemade with extra lean pork and beef mince. An egg and lots of seasoning) loaded in a wholemeal bun (healthy b) with lots of salad and gherkins and cheese (hea) and served witb sweet potato wedges. Went down a storm.
I still eat mainly the same stuff but have adapted it to be sw free and then load my plate with steamed veg or salad.
I also make extras and i box these up and use them for lunches the next day.Saves time.

ALittleBitConfused1 Wed 04-Jul-18 11:32:03

Savoury snacks are usually seasoned chicken.bits from the fridge (left overs) or boiled egg, so easy to grab peel and eat and they are really filling.
There are lots of low syn crisps out there but i finddd i always want more, they dont fill you until the next meal and i want to get out of the habbit of eating crisps daily.
Sweet snax are always fruit or muller light.

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