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Bank holiday over indulging

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CharlieLala Mon 28-May-18 20:52:44

Please tell me I'm not the only one? After eating too much at the first May bank holiday I was determined to be better this weekend but after eating well yesterday, lots of salad, veg and cold meats etc today I have eaten a ridiculous number of syns all in desserts!! At the time I think you only leave once and it can't make that much difference but then a couple of hours later I just feel guilty! (Which probably isn't a healthy way to feel about food anyway)

Anyone else gone way over on syns this weekend?!

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Groovee Tue 29-May-18 06:11:50

It wasn't a bank holiday for me, so it wasn't too much of a problem but I did eat a whole malteaser traybake a couple of weeks ago.

SentToTheSynByn Tue 29-May-18 10:08:29

Yes, I drank far too much wine. Back on track today.

CharlieLala Tue 29-May-18 10:16:51

Glad im not the only one! Going to try to cut out syns for the next couple of days to make up for yesterday and make some speed meals

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SentToTheSynByn Tue 29-May-18 10:27:45

@CharlieLala a couple of sp days might help as well.

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