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SW and breastfeeding - help please!

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OctFeb Sat 02-Jun-18 22:33:36

Thanks for replying @Sakura03 :-)
That seems like loads of food, im actually looking forward to doing it again now! Feeling very fat and lumpy, this weather just makes it worse x

Sakura03 Sat 02-Jun-18 03:35:46

@OctFeb that is right I get 6 too and I normally have 2 x 175 ml whole milk for my coffee, sometimes also 30 grams of cheddar, for HEXB I have 2 xhifi bars and 2 x nimble brown bread or a Fitzgerald slim bagel (so far only found them in Waitrose but they are lovely). I don’t always use the last HEX it depends but I’ll need to adjust them soon as lo starts on solid. I’ve lost 12 lb in 4 weeks. Good luck. Oh and I watch Charlotte Taylor on YouTube for inspiration and found some great ideas for my syns😊

OctFeb Thu 31-May-18 00:05:52

I am also needing to get back in the SW wagon. I did it years ago pre babies and lost 2 stone. Now after my second baby I need to lose about three at least! My little boy is 3months now so if I have read correctly I should get 6 healthy extras??

Luxecalmeetvolupte Mon 28-May-18 18:42:26

Hi, am still fully BFing my almost 6 month old and have been back on SW for about a month now. Have lost 9lb in that time and have about 4st to lose in total. Your consultant will give you a leaflet to explain but essentially yes you get extra HEXs. I get loads as baby is older and will have to start dropping them once I introduce solids confused

maygirl Sun 27-May-18 16:16:03

I felt so much better once i started the breastfeeding version of the plan. Had been trying to lose weight by cutting back on food and felt rubbish. Once doing slimming world with the extra breastfeeding healthy extras I felt incredible! They suggest to have more of your additional healthy extras as A choices but I had a mix of extra As and Bs as was eating free yogurts/ fromage frais & calcium rich green veggies & not a huge milk fan. I used the cooked fruit & nut hexB options more than I do now not breastfeeding. E.g baked apple hexB with custard made from all that extra HexA milk as a snack before the night feeding shift!

Make it easy for yourself, get ready chopped veg, both fresh + frozen, frozen berries, & melon balls, sliced cheese/triangles./philli light. Ryvita & bread. Healthy extra B choice soups or free slimming world ones from Iceland. Lots of fat free yogurt/quark/fromage frais. Baking potatoes, tinned tuna, tinned beans, tomatoes, pasta & rice. Some of the microwave rice pouches are syn free & quick & easy. & have your syns too.
Good luck, I'm sure once you start eating enough of the right types of food your energy levels will improve & the pounds will start shifting.

Groovee Sun 27-May-18 09:57:08

If you are breastfeeding then you need the extra HEA's for the calcium. It varies according to the age of the baby x

sirlee66 Sun 27-May-18 09:32:36

Hi everyone!

Baby is 5 weeks now and I'm desperate to start trying to get a bit healthier. Put on stones and stones during pregnancy and wasn't a skinny mini before either and I've been living off takeaways and ready meals since the birth.

Please let me know if you think I'm starting too soon - some days I struggle even getting downstairs with the baby let alone cooking anything from scratch so don't want to set myself up for a fail but I'm also really struggling with the way I look and the way my body feels (chaffing, sweating etc) so maybe even doing the odd SW day here and there is better than nothing?

I've had a look online and all the advice I've found about breastfeeding while doing SW is so confusing! Some people say it's normal SW but you get 5 extra HXa+b?? That can't be right?

Is there anyone who can guide me? Has anyone had any success while breastfeeding and being so new to parenthood? How quickly do you think I could lose atleast 7 stone?

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