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I have a lot to loose!

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Thegirlwithnousername Thu 24-May-18 12:11:33

I started SW at the end of March, I am 1lb away from 1.5 stone loss, Which I am really pleased with, My problem is, I am very obese, I started my SW journey at 24st 11lbs.
I have at least 12 stone to just get within the acceptable weight for my height.
How do you keep yourself motivated when you have a massive target to reach?
I am pleased with my weight loss so far but I have a hell of a long way to go and that's quite disheartening!

Saladd0dger Fri 25-May-18 10:48:00

Well done on your weight loss x

RunMummyRun68 Fri 25-May-18 10:59:30

I follow someone on YouTube who has lost over 14 stone in slimming world!!!!

She's an inspiration. Taken not too long either if I recall. She uploads everything she eats. She's amazing. It can be done op!

RunMummyRun68 Fri 25-May-18 11:00:39

This is her latest video

Thegirlwithnousername Fri 25-May-18 11:36:08

Thank you both! I will take a look at her youtube!

Groovee Fri 25-May-18 16:17:36

Debbie is very inspirational.

I find breaking it down to smaller targets help x

eeyoredebbie Mon 28-May-18 16:36:21

Hi there!
I was so surprised to click on this thread and find my channel being shared thank you so much xx

I agree with Groovee that I broke it down into smaller interim targets. I keep my certificates in view and use visualisation techniques to help me avoid unnecessary snacking and keep me motivated for that next award. I have a weight loss plaque to record pounds lost so that’s more little targets to aim for as well as getting into Next stone bracket, and it wasn’t just about losing weight it was going down he clothes sizes and setting exercise goals too.

I stick to plan fairly rigidly and do plenty of exercise. I drink lots of water and include lots of speed food. I also use my syns!

I started a YouTube channel and Instagram account which has really helped me but that’s not for everyone! Maybe look for A SW buddy to exchange meal pics and motivation with?

Thanks again Deb x

eeyoredebbie Mon 28-May-18 16:37:56

I should add I started SW in April 2016 weighing 26st 7½lb and have lost 14st 9lb and am now at target x

Thegirlwithnousername Mon 28-May-18 19:35:45

Wow that is amazing Debbie..I did check out your youtube soon!
I go with my sister's so I have people to share ideas with bit they don't have as much as me to loose smile

Changedmename1234 Fri 08-Jun-18 21:42:49

Hi girlwithnousername. I started sw again today. Last time I started I was at 20 st 5, now to my utter horror I'm 24st 7. I need to lose a whole person. If you want a buddy to whatsapp meal pics and share motivation please pm me

LellyM Tue 19-Jun-18 17:10:00

Hi girlwithnousername, I am back on SW. I lost 11 stone last time but then fell off the wagon and gained it all back (and it brought friends). Now I am sticking to it and would like to lose up to 15 stone!!!

It will be a long slog but it is doable.


Groovee Tue 19-Jun-18 21:23:09

@eeyoredebbie has now lost 15st. She looks amazing x

Thegirlwithnousername Wed 20-Jun-18 16:09:30

Sorry only just seen that I have had extra replies!, They didn't show on my what I am on section!

You can do it again Lelly! - That's an amazing amount to loose!

I am 13 weeks in and I have lost 2 stone 1.5lb so far!
I had a stay the same last week so hoping I have done enough this week to have a loss this week!
It's so hard but now my at least my 12 stoneish (Depends how I look when I get there! I think I would still be classed as overweight.)

Is now only 10 stone to go!

We can do this!

eeyoredebbie Wed 20-Jun-18 20:36:02

Well done thegirl

Groovee 😘😘

Thegirlwithnousername Thu 21-Jun-18 09:02:27

Debbie! 15 stone is a amazing loss!
I bet you feel amazing! Well done!..Do you need to loose more or are you at target now?

eeyoredebbie Thu 21-Jun-18 15:11:11

Thank you 😊
I’m half a stone under my current target but probably going to lower it. My Bmi is 26 so I could still lose a little more but I’ll think about that in time xx

bluetrampolines Thu 21-Jun-18 19:00:20

Get a size smaller jeans and keep trying them on.

SnailMailFan Fri 22-Jun-18 07:10:31

Can I join you lot? I have 15 stone to lose. I’ve been following SW at home for 11 weeks and have lost 35lbs so far, but I’m in this for the long haul.
I’m not attending an SW group yet but plan to start on the 16th July. I’m absolutely dreading it, but I think it will help me.

Thegirlwithnousername Fri 22-Jun-18 07:43:44

Of course you can join us! I am going to make another thread that we can post on and keep going to motivate us! Will post a link in a minute when I think of a good title lol!

Thegirlwithnousername Fri 22-Jun-18 07:57:44

Okay so I couldn't think of anything funny but there is a post titlee SW Motivation for those that have a lot to lose.
Come and join me on there smile

eeyoredebbie Fri 22-Jun-18 20:12:01

Totally outing but it can be done snailmail

SlovenlyWrench Tue 26-Jun-18 14:09:14

Well done on your weight loss so far Thegirlwithoutusername. I have about 5 stone to lose and im finding that having small 1/2 stone targets really help. Im hoping for my 1.5st award at tonight's weigh in- I'm averaging about 1lb a week and I'm happy with this. I like to "live" and so I'm not as strict as some because I am still having a glass of wine at night which I don't syn and the occasional takeaway- this year I'm hoping to have lost just over 4stone. It took me a good 15 years to put the weight on so I am not expecting that it will come off in 6 months (unless I made an über drastic change to my lifestyle which I just can't sustain. See earlier comments about wine and a few takeaways! This girl's gotta live grin)

I'm pretty strict about meals- no syns- and measuring A and B choices. Gives me a bit of flexibility then and whilst it's not coming off as quickly as some, I'm really happy that it's going in the right direction. Plus I can change my wardrobe slowly this way, I'd have to spend a fortune in a short amount of time otherwise!

Some people can be really focused but my experience is that if I focus too much I see results quickly without new eating habits actually having become embedded in my brain and life. So I lose weight then return to "normal" and on it goes again. But it does work for some folks to do it that way and that's brilliant! Just not me.

Pinch of nom is great for before and after pics which keep me motivated too.

Good luck- you've got it in you to succeed whichever way you do it. X

Fattothinplease Sun 01-Jul-18 23:02:09

Hi everyone. Glad I found this post. I have lost 2 stone 2lb with slimming world. Starting weight was 22st 10.5lb in march and I can't believe I'm admitting this somewhere. I've been aiming for 2 stones and that was my interim target, adjusted for another 2 stones and will keep doing that so it is manageable. I have been messing around, although losing, and not doing as well as I know I can do do would be great to have some inspiration and motivation from others. I have lost 4 stone previously and then fell pregnant and the weight has crept back up - can't blame it on baby weight when my child is nearly 2.

Bunbunbunny Mon 02-Jul-18 23:01:20

I’m pleased I found this post too! I’ve got 15 st to loose blush have started back but online this time, just finished first week and have lost 9lb so very chuffed. We’re hoping to start fertility treatment but my weight is our biggest obstacle. Will join you on the other thread for motivation!

Thegirlwithnousername Tue 03-Jul-18 08:30:57

Welcome come and join us on the other thread when you are ready smile.
You have a brilliant motivation I lost 4 stone to have my little boy. It really kept me focused! Let's get you to your target for treatment!

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