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M1ss1e Thu 17-May-18 13:31:16

Hi all smile, I joined SW this week but have also been calorie counting. It is becoming clear that the 2 don't go hand in hand.

Has anyone else tried calorie counting whilst doing SW?

I've just had what I thought a fairly healthy lunch (Heinz tomato soup & 1 brown roll) which isn't too bad on calories but that small lunch has already put me well over the syn allowance.

Any tips?


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Groovee Thu 17-May-18 14:54:13

I tend to cook from scratch. Soups are whatever speed veggies I have in and some chicken/lentils/beans for protein.

SW don't count calories and do look for you to have your speed foods at every meal.

Lunches I like things like scrambled egg/Omelettes/salads/soups.

Dinners I use lots of recipes to cook for us all. Cheeseburger pasta from Slimming Eats is a firm favourite here.

I have inputted my calories on odd occasions where one day was about 800 calories and another was 1400 calories.

But having to count my fruit and veg really got to me and I returned to slimming world.

MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Thu 17-May-18 22:09:06

I haven't calorie counted as such but I've been watching how much carbs I consume as it is classed as a free food on Slimming World if eaten with 1/3rd of speed food, it still adds up if you're having it for breakfast, lunch and also dinner! Just watch the carbs. Try and substitute noodles for spiralised vegetables if you can just to cut it down a bit and to also increase your speed. I do have carbs days but then I always watch how much I have when I'm on the days where I want to be meticulous.

M1ss1e Fri 18-May-18 12:35:53

Thanks ladies.

Dieting is all new to me and I'm finding it a bit daunting lol

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chocolatespiders Sun 20-May-18 17:22:47

Look on BBC good food. Loads of great soups on there. Tomato and lentil my favourite.

LizB62A Sun 20-May-18 17:38:47

The best tip I can give you is to actually follow the SW plan and don't count calories

You'll probably find you end up eating much less bread and fewer rolls, and if you make your own soups (really easy to do) you can have far more so that you're not hungry

Liskee Sun 20-May-18 22:07:20

Just started this week myself! I like that I can still eat my carbs at every meal, but finding I've had no bread at all this week and an absolute ton of fruit and veg. This is a total revelation, as is the fact I've not been hungry! So far so good, and long may it continue as there's a looooooooong way for me to go.

M1ss1e Mon 21-May-18 18:17:32

Everyone I've spoken to really rates SW but I'm not feeling it, not sure if it's just cos I haven't 100% got my head round it though.

I work out on the road and finding things I can take for lunch is a struggle, or am I just putting up obstacles?!

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Groovee Mon 21-May-18 18:37:27

Things like crust less quiche or egg muffins may be an idea for being out on the road. Things that are easy to grab while driving or on the run. Packets of wafer thin ham/turkey/chicken may be an idea. Pots of chopped fruit and veg and home made hummus is all doable if you take some time to prep what you need for the week ahead.

M1ss1e Mon 21-May-18 22:13:48

Oooo! They sound yummy thank you for the tip smile

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