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I've lost my mojo

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Nousernameforme Mon 14-May-18 13:43:04

I've been on sw for a year. Minus 4 months last winter where I put on 4lb. That included over Christmas so. Not to bad I thought. I've lost 2st4 in total. (Inclusive of recent gains)
These last two weeks though I just can't be bothered with it. I haven't really been limiting myself and put on 1lb last week and 2 this morning.

Has anyone else felt like this and managed to pull it back?

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allthegoodnameshadgone Mon 14-May-18 14:37:25

Today I pulled it back. Been a member since January. Been actually doing it all of April and lost a stone. Maintained first week of May as was on and off and gained 1.5lb today. Spent yesterday making banana oat cakes for sweet snack/breakfast and a syn Free turkey mince chilli for later for tea, in the slow cooker.

Meal prep is the key for me. If I meal prep I will eat what I have as I hate wasting food.

I've meal prepped for today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Turkey mince chilli for tonight, chicken stuffed with spinach, garlic and chilli tomorrow and then the chilli again Wednesday.

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