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Is this really a free breakfast?

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bedsocksandbroomsticks Sat 12-May-18 15:58:09

2 poached eggs, 2 small wholemeal bread, heinz baked beans....? Unless I'm being a bit slow, this all appears to be free...but am I right? Baked beans contain sugar so I don't understand how they're free?

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tkband3 Sat 12-May-18 15:59:49

Well the eggs and baked beans are free, but the toast is your HEB choice for the day. We had this discussion about the sugar in baked beans at group the other day and whether this was an issue...our consultant concluded that if SW says they're free, then they must be!!

bedsocksandbroomsticks Sat 12-May-18 17:22:42

Oh yes, sorry, I'd allocated the toast as HEB. I guess I meant that I can't believe it's syn free. Well that's breakfast sorted then!

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TitZillas Sat 12-May-18 17:23:40

Where is your 1/3 plate of speed food though?

Happygolucky009 Sat 12-May-18 17:24:40

Personally I don't think sw cards about sugar, aren't Muller lights full of sugar ?

bedsocksandbroomsticks Sat 12-May-18 17:51:38

Oh 1/3 speed food....gah, I'm rubbish at this!!!

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fraggle84 Sat 12-May-18 19:42:21

Add some mushrooms for speed, I like the big ones and use them instead of the toast

LemonSqueezy0 Sat 12-May-18 19:49:29

Add more speed, as mentioned above and you'd be good to go. I've found having more speed has boosted my weight loss, compared to previous times I've done SW and not really tried with that aspect of it. With this meal, for example, I'd add tinned tomatoes, or spinach, onion and mushrooms etc.

Where I can I get reduced sugar or salt versions, and have steered clear of the muller lights.

Good luck with it all.

cloudyweewee Sun 13-May-18 11:07:07

I thought that when you used a HEB, 1/3 speed food wasn't essential.

Redpony1 Mon 14-May-18 12:26:08

and who has 1/3 of a plate of speed for for breakfast anyway? My breakfast has to be eaten on the go, and take about 3mins to make, time in the morning is precious!

calzone Mon 14-May-18 16:37:56

I add fried mushrooms and red onions to the beans.

So tasty.

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