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Planning for a Weekend away.

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Groovee Fri 13-Apr-18 12:44:28

What sort of restaurants are nearby?

SlaaartyBaaardFaaast Fri 13-Apr-18 11:26:05


I am going away next Thursday lunch time until late Saturday night to an event in Wembley. I REALLY want to stay on plan as it will only be week two and for me, this is a wobbly point I need to push through if this is to truly work for me.
There is a Tesco Express near the Wembley SSE Arena where I can stock up on food and there are a few restaurant options around too.
I am trying to choose in advance, what to take and what to buy whilst I am there.
I will be staying in a Travelodge and cannot get hold of an electric cool box (my 1st thought) and so i am pretty limited to buying out on the move.

Here is my thinking...
Make and pack a couple of sarnies using the Wholemeal Sandwich Thins.
Take fruit and healthy X B Alpen Light bars for snacking and breakfasts
Have McDonalds Grilled chicken salad or Subway Salad for my lunches
But for dinners... hmm. Just don't want to mess up.

Please inspire me 😊

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