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Pizza Express Options please

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SlaaartyBaaardFaaast Wed 11-Apr-18 11:35:09

Hi there,

I am going to Pizza Express this Friday evening. I am wondering what my options are... Low syn dishes. Will probably save my Hex A for cheese to help. Just want to plan so i don't ruin my hard work this week.

Please can anyone help?

Many thanks 😊

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Groovee Wed 11-Apr-18 13:41:14

There's a salad that's about 13 syns.

A legara pizza the chicken one is 22 or 24 syns.

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Wed 11-Apr-18 16:41:00

Keep in control by using flexible syns and being " good either side", and your weight loss will hopefully not be affected.

DottyDotAgain Wed 11-Apr-18 16:45:46

The superfood salad (I had it with chicken) is about 15 syns but that's with the dressing- I asked for it on the side and didn't end up needing to have any, so am hoping it was only a few syns! It was very nice - and meant I didn't feel too bad about having a portion of dough balls with it- 18 syns I think grin

SlaaartyBaaardFaaast Wed 11-Apr-18 21:08:07

Thanks everyone. I think the superfood salad is a great idea. Plus I will save some syns 😎

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