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Healthy BMI but want to try slimming world?

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KarinaC811 Tue 27-Mar-18 19:05:07

Hi all

I want to lose the stone I have gained over the last few months due to emotional overeating. None of my clothes fit and I feel very uncomfortable and self conscious. I am a little worried about attending group with only a stone to lose and to set a target which is at the lower end of healthy (ie a BMI of 20). I need to repair a poor relationship with food and have heard such good things about SW. any reassurance/advice welcome!

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RaidTheCupboards Thu 29-Mar-18 20:51:02

They have ‘lowest minimum weight acceptable’ tables so check them first. You go by height.
They say you have to have at least 7lb to lose.

I joined with 1.5 stone to lose. I’m 6lb away and looking pretty skinny but I won’t be happy until my muffin top weighth has gone.

I don’t get judged for being there and it’s definitely worked for me so I recommend it.

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