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Groovee Fri 23-Mar-18 14:58:41

Having reached target I'm struggling with an extra B choice. Trying to find 2 a day is so hard. I've got so used do one.

So far had Toast with Baked oats
Alpen no added sugar muesli with hifi bars
Today is baked oats and no idea for number 2. I

I don't like dried or cooked fruit and I make loads of fresh soup rather than tinned.

Any suggestions?

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RaidTheCupboards Fri 23-Mar-18 17:17:07

I eat cereal or porridge every morning without fail for my HEB so I know when I reach my target I will continue my breakfast and start having things like beans on toast or a sandwich for lunch or an SW burger for tea or HIFI bars through the day x

childmindingmumof3 Fri 23-Mar-18 17:19:41

I used to have two when ebf - some combo of oats, weetabix, wholemeal bread, ryvita or alpen light bar.

IheartCaptainHolt Fri 23-Mar-18 17:38:16

What about some nuts?

MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Fri 23-Mar-18 21:22:32

Have a look at the healthy B list in your SW book

Groovee Sat 24-Mar-18 06:41:10

I have looked at the list in my book then checked the app as my book is out of date since the weights changed. I'm stuck in my ways and looking for new ideas!

@IheartCaptainHolt I wish I could but Ds has a bit allergy so we don't have nuts in the house.

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MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Sat 24-Mar-18 06:59:32

I won't be much help then I'm afraid! I'm always eating the same B choices sad bread, crackers, or cereal! I don't like cooked fruits and I don't eat Hifi / Alpen Light bars. I dread to think what I am gonna have when I get to target but I have noticed when I go over my syns once a week during the week, I end up maintaining so I think first thing I'd try is having an off plan meal once a week lol!

WillowUfgood Sun 25-Mar-18 22:01:10

The weight watchers wraps are really nice, and you can make all sorts with them!

InfiniteSheldon Mon 26-Mar-18 07:04:31

You don't have to have an extra B choice it's only a suggestion have a few more syns instead

DontFundHate Sun 01-Apr-18 17:38:03

Sorry to jump in but how many more syns would you have?

I'm near target but get 6 healthy extras anyway as I'm breastfeeding so the thought of having even more is just not do able, struggle to have all 6 sometimes.

Why not increase your healthy extras a? Milk and cheese? I seem to have both everyday

Groovee Mon 02-Apr-18 05:44:31

I increased both HE's and lost 1lb on my first week. I'm reluctant to up my syns.

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incywincybitofa Thu 26-Apr-18 11:02:41

I am not sure if it is still the case but 1tbsp of olive oil used to be a Hex B, I used to use that for a salad dressing.

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