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SW Online Food/Exercise tracker

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NuttyMacaroon Mon 19-Mar-18 16:14:12

Hi there

I am debating whether to sign up to SW online again, but last time I did, I noticed that the online food tracker thing was very poor and nothing like it was years ago, where you could see your day at a glance, click on little glass icons to track your water drunk each day, little tomato to track veg portions etc. Can anyone tell me if it is back to being like that, or still a case of selecting your healthy a, healthy b, free food separately (ie not as meals)?

Many thanks!

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MummatoaMunchin Tue 20-Mar-18 20:57:38

I know they are in the process of developing a new app, but i dont know if its ready yet as i didnt renew my membership.

I hope this helps!

NuttyMacaroon Thu 22-Mar-18 08:02:35

Thank you - yes that helps, I'm sure if they had completed the new app it would be all over the website! I think I'll wait a bit. I really preferred their old website and online diary.

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