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Is this a lot of food for a day off?

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Jotribiani Sun 18-Mar-18 20:07:24

So have been trying to hard to kick start slimming world for weeks now but keep going off track. Started fresh last Monday done great lost 2lb. Today was DH bday so had a day off plan. Is this a lot of food I feel awful for it: breakfastbagel and butter, went out for lunch: haloumi to start and a roast lamb dinner for main. Then he wanted to get a pizza I ended up having 3 slices. Also had a muller light today. What the worst off day plan you’ve had ?

MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Sun 18-Mar-18 23:06:26

It's not how much food you eat, it's what you eat. I would not worry about it! Did you and your DH enjoy yourselves? If so, then leave it at that! We have a life outside of SW as well. If we stick to plan, we know our limits and we know that the next day we must get back on track and continue with our journey! For me, my biggest off plan day was Christmas Day. I ate lots of biscuits, cakes, cheese on toast, a massive roast dinner and Black Forest Gateau for dessert! The next day, I got straight back on plan. No flexi-synning (I don't believe in that!)

OwlinaTree Mon 19-Mar-18 06:17:13

I agree, just get back on plan today. If you gain, you gain. It's a marathon not a sprint. High days and holidays are part of life and should be enjoyed.

Mooey89 Mon 19-Mar-18 06:46:24

Tuesday was my birthday.

I ate: 2 croissants
2 hash browns with a latte

Went out for lunch and had a cheese and onion marmalade baguette with chips.

Then I had a slice of birthday cake

For dinner I had a Thai take away -
Tofu red curry with jasmine rice and 2 sweet corn fritters.


I’ve done SP for the whole of the rest of the week to try to pull that whopper back!
I also go to the gym 5 x per week

Groovee Mon 19-Mar-18 13:12:06

I had an all you could eat breakfast buffet, then a huge slice of cake the a Chinese buffet at night and I felt so ill!

Slippery Mon 19-Mar-18 13:21:45

Don't worry about days off. After all, you're only delaying your goal by one day. As long as you get back on the next day, that's the important thing.

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