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Is there such a thing as too much Quark? (TMI)

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ShapelyBingoWing Sat 10-Feb-18 23:08:26

Apologies in advance for the TMI.

I'm constipated. I've never in my life been constipated. I have IBS and other issues and have pretty much always been the opposite. I've been doing SW since October and my insides have been fine until recently. Now things are sticky (sorry) and really require effort.

My losses have also slowed right down despite being 2st from target.

I'm trying to pin down the problem. I'm definitely not eating too much as I've been logging everything and I'm not one for having naughty bites of stuff here and there. So I'm thinking the weight loss is slowing because everything else is backing up. And I'm wondering if that's happening because my diet has become more dairy heavy since I realised I can have a big 4 syn chocolatey dessert of a tub of quark, an options sachet and a squirt of choc shot blush I've been having it probably 2-3 times a week.

Has anyone else noticed if quark does this to them? Greek yoghurt doesn't seem to do the same and I've always eaten cheese so I don't think it's dairy on the whole.

ShapelyBingoWing Sun 11-Feb-18 09:53:17

blush just me then.

IntoTheFloodAgain Sun 11-Feb-18 10:33:33

I think dairy in high quantities can cause constipation, not sure how much though is too much though. Bananas can too, are you eating a lot of them?

When I first started SW in jan I went through stages not going for a few days every week. I thought it might be to do with eating oats everyday but according to Dr Google, they aren’t likely to cause it. I was eating bananas every day for the first 4 weeks though so it could have been that, as I never used to.

I’ve eaten yogurt and cheese almost everyday my whole life, and haven’t had noticeable problems before.

ShapelyBingoWing Sun 11-Feb-18 11:25:46

I probably eat a couple of bananas a week and have done since I started. I don't eat them while I'm struggling to go to the loo though as I know they can make things worse.

I know dairy in general can cause issues. Just finding it a bit confused that I'm still fine with milk, cheese and yoghurt but by the looks of it, not quark. Its not like I've massively increased my overall amount of dairy IYSWIM? I don't ever have a day where I eat quark and yoghurt and milk and cheese.

Though that would be a very tasty day grin

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