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Canned fruit in juice

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Cannothtinkofaname Mon 05-Feb-18 08:20:19

Can somebody tell me if canned fruit in juice (not syrup) is syn free please.

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Groovee Mon 05-Feb-18 09:12:21

It's not syn free but certain ones can be used as a HEB.

Cannothtinkofaname Mon 05-Feb-18 09:33:51

Thank you. Somebody told me they were free and I've been filling my bowl!

I shall now be a bit more careful so thanks.

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Groovee Mon 05-Feb-18 09:41:43

Fresh and frozen fruits are free x

Cannothtinkofaname Mon 05-Feb-18 09:54:00

Yes Grovee I saw that thanks but assumed canned would be the same.

I wonder why they're not if you drain the juice off, maybe sugar is included?

We've started using tinned fruit because the fresh at the moment seems tasteless.

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