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JustTrying15 Mon 29-Jan-18 03:29:40

Hi, I have posted on various weight threads over the past few years, always in January and fallen off the wagon by March.

I always said I was happy and my family loved me no matter what I weighed but I have finally decided enough is enough. I have a beautiful boy who is 6 with autism and severe learning disabilities. I want to be here when he is growing up and help him with his life.

I turned 40 yesterday and instead of asking my family for books and cross stitch, I asked for Amazon vouchers and used them to buy a fitbit. 10,000 steps is the recommended amount, I would not be joking if I said I walked 100 on some days. I come downstairs, sit on the settee and don't move again. I am lazy.

I joined a SW group last Monday and weighed in at 21st 2.5lbs. This is the last time I will ever see those numbers on the scale.

I have been trying hard this week. Went food shopping on Tuesday and bought all the healthy things I needed and I actually cooked meals from scratch. My son doesn't eat much, he has an aversion to a lot of textures and my husband is fussy but he made all their meals so I only had to do my own. I tried to stay away from the pasta, rice etc as I know unlimited doesn't really mean unlimited but I did have pasta one night. I haven't had any spuds but used sweet potato instead. Not keen on chopping and dicing so I buy the bags of cabbage ect ready done and have been having a full bag at each meal to fill me up more. My plate really looked overflowing but it was mostly veg.

My first weigh in is later tonight and I am hoping for a good loss. My main problem is I don't see the 1lb losses as good enough. I want it all off now. I have now came to see that even 1lb a week is 4 stone a year and I would be overjoyed at that so need to keep telling myself it over and over again.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. Will check in tonight with a hopeful loss.

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hevonbu Mon 29-Jan-18 03:55:56

Maybe you should aim for 15000 steps a day, that's what my 63 year old college walked daily when we had a step contest at work.

HereHoldMyDrink Mon 29-Jan-18 10:31:49

Good luck for tonight! I feel the same about wanting it all off straight away but it's more likely to stay off the slower it comes off, and it quickly all adds up!

If you feel like 10k steps is too big of a leap you can always change the goal to what ever you feel is more realistic then gradually increase it. It's what ever works for you and it's better to go for something simpler so you don't feel like it's hopeless. Fitbits are fab though I love mine, do you have any other friends with one as the challenges make a difference I think smile

Flutterby81 Mon 29-Jan-18 11:17:45

Good luck for your first weigh in tonight smile
I feel the same when i don’t have a big loss I just need to try and focus on the big picture. 10,000 steps is a good goal to aim for but you could always start with a lower goal and up it. Iv been considering a Fitbit but haven’t took the leap and bought one yet!

Saladd0dger Mon 29-Jan-18 11:23:08

Good luck op. Keep to group, even if you have a rubbish week and feel like you haven’t lost anything. 10k steps is a good starting point, you can increase your goals as you start to smash them x

Groovee Mon 29-Jan-18 13:21:40

Good luck. I aim for 3000 steps a day as I have mobility problems.

Hope weigh in goes well.

Grumpyoldwoman007 Mon 29-Jan-18 13:31:51

Good luck for tonight. I've started again today too. I can't afford sw membership right now so I have arranged for my daughter to weigh me weekly as I find weighing myself makes it too easy to fall off the wagon. I'm hoping to lose 5 stone by November. I've got 38 weeks 🙄

JustTrying15 Mon 29-Jan-18 14:13:38

Thanks everyone. I intend to have a well earned treat tonight after weigh in. I know you should stick to plan everyday but I found before I needed to have a treat or I blow it. So tonight I am having my favourite take out which is kebab, but I am choosing the chicken option and loads of salad and I don't like chips anyway so although the bread is heavy syn wise at 25 syns I will just have half.
Any other time I was having treat night I bought in lots of things and couldn't possibly eat it all in one night so it carried over to the next night and then the rest of the week.

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Boatsnack3 Mon 29-Jan-18 14:19:21

Good luck for tonight. I know it doesn't seem right and I think everyone struggles at first but you really don't need to forgo pasta and potatoes. A third speed veg and fill up on free foods, you shouldn't be hungry. I lost 3st10lbs in about 6 months, eating pasta, rice and the best thing about slimming world homemade chips everyday.

Lostflipflop Mon 29-Jan-18 14:19:36

Good luck OP, I have recently started Slimming World too and have lost 5lb in 2 weeks.

Enjoy your treat tonight but be careful. In the past when I have been losing weight and have treated myself on weigh in day the weight has stopped so I only plan to have one takeaway/meal out a month. The other weigh in days I am planning to have a chocolate bar or small slice of cake. Normally I would have a blow out and it just goes against everything you are trying to achieve.

Let us know how you get on, we are rooting for you!

JustTrying15 Mon 29-Jan-18 15:18:37

My main problem is I am greedy. I very rarely eat because I am hungry. I need to work on my portion control so although I will not give up pasta etc I will start to weigh it out, maybe start with 100g of uncooked stuff ??

I have loads to lose and before starting I was eating take away maybe every other night so I think I can get away with a take away for a few weeks, but yes I intend to cut down on this too.

Like I said I have been good this week, didn't even have a treat on my birthday but I did have "the last supper" before going so will have hampered my loss a bit there, and my period is due on Thursday so not sure if that will have an effect this week or next.

I have been drinking a lot more fluid that normal, not keen on water but have bought no calorie squash and have drank a lot of that, never peed so much in my

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Boatsnack3 Mon 29-Jan-18 15:22:54

I'm a bit like that too but honestly being greedy hasn't really made any difference to my losses. I actually think I eat more now than I used to, i just make better choices.

TieGrr Mon 29-Jan-18 15:29:02

For pasta and rice etc, why not go with the recommended servings listed on the packets?

JustTrying15 Mon 29-Jan-18 15:50:22

Tie, I look at that amount and it looks so small. I figured I would start a bit bigger and work my way down. I need to totally revamp my relationship with food. We were brought up to clear our plates as children in Africa were starving. I never got out of that mindset and literally eat until I feel sick. I am going to start eating at a table with no devices or books, just me and my food and hopefully this will make me more aware of how much I am eating.

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AJPTaylor Mon 29-Jan-18 16:02:42

What i have done is changed my mindset.i stay to every meeting but have an attitude of we are in the same war but fighting individual battles.
My battle is loosing weight slowly. I accept that if i stick like glue to the diet i will loose a pound to pound and a half a week. I set my personal target to half stones and do a 12 week pass

I am genuinely chuffed for those that lose 5lb a week but have learned not to compare or compete. I can only control what i can control.

AJPTaylor Mon 29-Jan-18 16:04:35

And the critical bit is to do that third of a plate being veg. It naturally controls the quantity of carb you eat.

Thebluedog Mon 29-Jan-18 16:10:39

Good luck OP flowers

HereHoldMyDrink Mon 29-Jan-18 21:35:28

How did you get on with your first weigh in OP?

JustTrying15 Mon 29-Jan-18 21:38:08


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kelashan Mon 29-Jan-18 21:53:46

WOW well done 👍🏼

Groovee Mon 29-Jan-18 22:06:17

Wow, well done!

didireallysaythat Mon 29-Jan-18 22:15:57

Yay ! That's absolutely fantastic !

I find 10,000 steps is a lot if you aren't on your feet all the time (maybe it's just me). I'd have to walk to the shops twice to do that (about 2 hours). I know I give up easy ! So instead of 10,000 a say I'm currently aiming for 40,000 a week which I hope to increase (with a 15 minute walk at lunch).

For me, it's about breaking things down into smaller, more manageable (more achievable?)) goals. I'm hoping for a stone off by Easter.

AJPTaylor Mon 29-Jan-18 22:18:35

Brilliant x

SoleBizzz Mon 29-Jan-18 22:23:51


I am SW too. Had lamb steak, beetroot salad, pickled gherkins, salsa. Balsamic vinegar. Beetroot. Lush

JustTrying15 Mon 29-Jan-18 22:31:15

Thank you everyone, my gob was well and truly smacked !!

I am hoping my fitbit is here tomorrow. I am going to aim for around 5,000 a day this week and increase it bit by bit.

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