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How many syns do you use per day?

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outsetisland Tue 23-Jan-18 20:41:56

And how does it affect your losses?

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Groovee Tue 23-Jan-18 22:00:31

I find I need to use my syns. So 10-15 a day. Upped my syns this week and lost 2lb.

fromtheshires Tue 23-Jan-18 22:35:07

I have a decent loss every week and only use around 3 per day. I do know they are available if I need them, but I have issues with control. Open a pack of biscuits, they are all eaten. If I use the syns in cooking instead of chocolate etc I'm using the syns but not allowing myself to have a blow out.

Plus, I can also save the unused syns for a boozy weekend if one arises by surprise!

outsetisland Wed 24-Jan-18 07:48:16

I use mine that way for the same reason fromtheshires, I don't get through many during the week but I use a little more on the weekend. I did sw last year the same way and was losing, this time around I'm finding it a lot harder to lose. I stepped on the scales this morning and have put on a 1lb again. I haven't managed to use my HEB often over the past week so don't know if that is to blame. I've been snacking on fruit too, not excessively, but maybe my body is clinging on to the sugars. Either way I am getting annoyed now, I just cannot see why I've put on twice!

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Groovee Wed 24-Jan-18 09:48:06

Are you writing everything down? I would try upping your syns as it may be that you need them.

outsetisland Wed 24-Jan-18 16:35:30

I'm logging everything I eat onto an app. I'm baffled to be honest as last time I didn't have this problem. Upping my syns is something I am considering. My sister is adamant she loses more when she uses her syns.

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Groovee Wed 24-Jan-18 16:39:27

I definitely do lose better when I use my syns. Last week I used about 7 a day and lost 1/2 a pound. This week between 10-15 a day and I lost 2lb.

WorkingMumOnTheGo Tue 30-Jan-18 00:13:42

I use between 5-10 a day and sometimes I go over if I want extra treats in the evening. I am still losing weight. I am a stone away from my target now so my losses are slower than usual.

WorkingMumOnTheGo Tue 30-Jan-18 00:14:58

I mean go over 10 but no more than 15 if I have my extra treats (should've worded it properly lol)

Mollie85 Tue 30-Jan-18 18:20:43

I'm three weeks and one day on slimming world and I've never been over 9 a day. My weight loss has been as follows:

1- 7lbs
2- 3lbs
3- 4lbs

I use mini milks for treats (1.5 syns) and Skips (4syns) but only if I really want them

Everyone is different. My friend makes up Syn bags with 13 syns worth of treats and has one a day. I would lose control if I did that, so this way works for me grin. Did Atkins before this so honestly did not believe this would work and I'm so pleased

outsetisland Fri 02-Feb-18 11:35:18

Just a little update. Have upped my syns and my loss this week is half a lb. Bit rubbish, would have liked a whole pound but guess I've just hit the slow point in my loss. Will continue to stick to plan and carry on using a little more syns.

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Groovee Fri 02-Feb-18 12:22:43

Well done on the loss x

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