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Anyone know the syns in a Rich Tea

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KendalMintCakey Sun 21-Jan-18 16:40:57

Hubby had one and they looked too tempting so just snaffled one x .

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forgottenusername Sun 21-Jan-18 16:42:29

2 smile

susurration Mon 22-Jan-18 17:34:22

Asda ones are 1.5 syns

KendalMintCakey Sun 04-Mar-18 17:49:30

Thank you Susurration

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KendalMintCakey Sun 04-Mar-18 17:50:06

oh and forgotten x

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FizzgigFizzgog Sun 04-Mar-18 18:02:12

Rich Tea Fingers are only 1 each ;) I keep my own biscuit tin stocked with those while the OH and kids get all the others!

Adcro Wed 14-Mar-18 14:39:54

Do you have the app? I always have the app to hand so I can check little things like that wink

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