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Want to start slimming world, shopping list needed please

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Rainymorning Sun 21-Jan-18 11:18:37

I want to start slimming world but really don't want to go to a meeting due to work and family commitments.

I know I'm allowed 5-15 syns a day but I'd like a rough guide to the extra easy plan if possible. Is it allowed to give out the info on here please?

Also, to prepare, what are the basics I need when I go shopping later? I need lunches for work and easy meals to put in the slow cooker etc.

I have joined the Facebook groups for slimming world and pinch of nom so hoping these will help too.

Any pointers would be gratefully received thanks

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caremummy Sun 21-Jan-18 23:05:58

(pre warning: I am vegan due to allergies so this won't be 100%)

You get 1 Healthy extra A and 1 Healthy extra B.

A is milk/cheese - I use 200ml chocolate oatly, 350ml soya light or 1L unsweetened almond.

B is bread/cereal/nuts/dried fruit - HIFI bars count but I cant eat them. I use WW wraps (1), alpen bars (2), wholemeal bread (60g).

Then there's free foods - dried pasta, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and fruit and veg that isn't speed food

speed food - 1/3 of meal should be. Certain fruits and veg. E.g. raspberries, apples, blueberries, spinach, tomato, cucumber.

protein - for me this is tofu, quorn and meat replacements. Linda mCartney red onion sausages are free. I'm not sure about meat as I haven't eaten it in 10 years/ever on sw.

you are right, its 5-15 syns.

I hear endless things about muller lights, which are free I think and quark.

caremummy Sun 21-Jan-18 23:10:20

few meal pointers.

overnight oats (40g oats (B) + yoghurt (you'll be able to use a free one) + speed fruit
cooked breakfast (frying is fine as long as in frylight - afraid frylight is an essential purchase, I have about 10 bottles lying around)

WW wrap with choice of filling (I have reduced fat hummus with lettuce and spinach)
rice/pasta with a protein source and speed veg

curry (could use mayflower sauce - its about 4syns - b+m bargains sell it)
gardeners pie
shepherds pie

(a lot of recipes on the SW website, don't need t be able to log in)

calzone Sun 21-Jan-18 23:14:19

Buy fry light.

Lean mince and chicken
Tins tomatoes , beans

It’s very straightforward and I love being on plan.

caremummy Mon 22-Jan-18 08:02:20

I agree. Very easy (the book is helpful though) I know someone that went to one meeting to join (£10) just to get the book and official weigh in. She hasn't been back since but has lost 2stone.

susurration Mon 22-Jan-18 17:53:50

As much fruit and veg as you can get, and make sure you have lots of it with every meal. Make sure you check which ones are speed and which ones are just free. The speed ones are lower calorie. Lean meats and pulses are fine, as is pasta, rice and potato. They say eat as much as you want, but it might be a good idea to look up roughly what a normal portion size is, because it's always better to teach yourself to eat a normal amount of food instead of stuffing yourself on carbs. I try to only eat bread/pasta/rice/potato at a max of two meals per day and have the third meal as low in those carbs as possible. Sometimes that means just fruit for breakfast, or eggs, ham and tomatoes or similar.

You don't actually need anything special for SW. The only thing I've found I can't get away with not using is fry light. The rest is relatively simple and straight forward. Lots of slimming world recipes use sweeteners instead of sugar so if you do those kind of things you might need to buy a sweetener. I avoid sweeteners where possible in recipes and I will use my syns on sugar if a recipe absolutely needs it.

There's lots of low syn ways of doing desserts and snacks, alpen lights, fibre one bars, hartleys no added sugar jellys. Muller lights are free. Mostly all absolutely packed with sweeteners though.

Today's shopping list for me:
Fry Light
Onions, peppers, courgettes
Sweet Potato
Baking potatoes
lean turkey mince
low fat sausages
wholemeal bread
weight watchers white wraps ( 1 is HexB- going to have 'pizza calzone' with them on weds night and make 'cornish pasties' for the weekend)
0% fat natural yogurt
50% less fat Cheddar
a few muller light yogurts
Semi skimmed milk
sliced beef
cooked chicken
Alpen Lights

I always have in the cupboard:
passatta and tomato puree
baked beans
kidney beans
a HUGE variety of herbs and spices

susurration Mon 22-Jan-18 18:00:26

And I bulk out every meal with plenty of veg added in. Curry gets onion, pepper, courgette, spinach, chickpeas and occasionally butternut squash and sweet potato chucked in too. Goes further and is packed with speed foods, left overs always frozen for easy dinners. Chilli gets the same, but baked beans AND kidney beans instead of the squash and potato.

crackerjacket Mon 22-Jan-18 18:02:07

Sounds like they have a deal with frylight

Rainymorning Mon 22-Jan-18 18:09:51

This is great information, thanks all I really appreciate you taking the time to answer.

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susurration Mon 22-Jan-18 18:47:11

crackerjacket maybe, who knows. They are a business. I think they probably have a deal with Muller too.

wendywhite Mon 22-Jan-18 21:23:41

There are some brilliant Facebook pages & the SW website itself is good for searching up recipes.

If you can be bothered cooking you won’t go hungry,
You can tweak most things to fit it in ,
I do try & have fruit more during the day & soup most days.

RIP alcohol.. it’s just so many Syns sad

Good luck !!!!!!!!

Things I buy every week now I’m on SW (off the top of my head) & find “essential” to staying on plan.

Small wholemeal loaf
(2 slices HEXB)
Weightwatchers plain wraps (green label) 1 is HEXB
Baked beans,
Bacon (trimmed or medallions)
Low fat sausages (Venison are good)
Muller light yoghurts (stick in the freezer for an hour, wow)
Dairylea/ laughing cow triangles
(Use as part of HEXA & instead of butter / marge)
Natural yoghurt (use in recipes quite regularly)
Veg, mainly carrots, onions & potatoes

Storecupboard musts especially if you’re going to cook
(Shopping did seem ££ to begin with but storecupboard quickly built up)

Granulated sweetener
Passata/ puree/ tinned tomatoes
Worcester Sauce
Fry light
Soya Sauce
Schwartz BBQ seasoning
Schwartz Chicken seasoning
Curry powders

Plain noodles/ rice / pasta (dry)
which are free/ minimal Syns compared to ready made packets / pouches / fresh

Batchelors Pasta n sauce I find good when I really can’t be faffed as a tiny amount of Syns & use cheese / milk from healthy extras when making them.

Hope that helps!

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