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Coldness and greasy wee!

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weeonion Sun 07-Jan-18 23:48:07

Hi folks. Hope 2018 SW is working out for you so far.

I have a couple of questions for anyone who has had quite a high weight loss.

Last year from mid jan to early dec i lost 6.5 stone.

I am now constantly cold. Seriously cold with goosebumps and shivering even when others are complaining about the heat. I am jot sure if this is all related to the weight loss but imagine it is. Did anyone else find this and does it settle down.

Also (and this is a strange one) my urine is greasy! When i have a pee, there is an oily film on top of it. I dont use any lotions or creams or lube around my vulva / vagina so it cant be that. Again - did anyone else find that or am i a strange one wink

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CheapSausagesAndSpam Mon 08-Jan-18 02:12:55

Have you lost the weight through avoiding carbs?

I found this

Ketones: The presence of ketones in the urine can be caused by the metabolism of fats due to the body’s inability to use carbohydrates for energy. This issue occurs in those who have changed their diet to be protein-rich or void of carbohydrates. This may also happen in individuals who have been fasting or endured prolonged starvation, as well as people with uncontrolled diabetes. These ketones can cause the urine to take on an oily appearance that is not considered normal.

What is your weight at the moment OP? And what are you eating?

weeonion Mon 08-Jan-18 07:17:12

Hi cheapsausages. Thanks for that info.

I am down to 9st 4lbs so not very light and well within a healthy weight range.

I do eat carbs - pasta once a week, rice the same with 2 small slices of bread a day. Potatoes maybe 3 times a week?

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WetsTheVet Mon 08-Jan-18 07:22:00

Wow congratulations on your weight loss. Did you achieve that just through the slimming world plan?

weeonion Mon 08-Jan-18 07:33:33

Hi wets.
Thanks for that.
Yep -pretty much through the plan. It wasnt as tough as i thought it would be but i did stay on plan the whole time.

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GoldenBlue Mon 08-Jan-18 08:48:23

A number of us in class have noticed we are feeling the cold more. We've put it down to not carrying as much insulation. But I'm having to wear a thicker jumper or socks and I've got an extra blanket on the bed.

I think your weight is pretty low, but not unhealthy how tall are you?

weeonion Mon 08-Jan-18 09:47:50

Hi goldenblue

I am 5ft 6 inches. The weight range is from around 8st 7 to 10st 7 so well within that. I dont feel particularly thin and tbh think i could do with going to 9st but going to give it a few months to see.

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Groovee Mon 08-Jan-18 10:59:25

Yes, my friend and I both lost 4st and both were complaining of being cold when everyone around us were warm. Her GP said it could be the weight loss and that her body would adapt over time. I'm freezing today despite my house being toastie x

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