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hello fresh or Gousto while on slimming world

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lokijet Sat 06-Jan-18 23:44:30

Does anyone use these and stay on plan - am trialling for a couple of weeks but want to keep on plan

Kerin1 Thu 14-Mar-19 20:41:12

Hi I am new on here my youngest is 5 and I am still trying to lose my baby weight (and a bit extra!) I am trying to do slimming world which I have done successfully before.
We have just had a Gousto leaflet through has anyone tried this? Also any good for SlimmingWorld? Thank u

TickVG Sat 16-Mar-19 06:52:09

Yes I've used them and they are generally compatible though obviously keep to the lower calories recipes and use frylight instead of cooking oil. Also look out for hidden syns in recipes eg sometimes there will be a load of milk, butter or oil that's an integral part of the recipe (eg to make a roux or a sauce) that hasn't been listed in the ingredients upfront as you're expected to supply it from your own cupboard. As you could imagine this could totally blow your syn allowance.

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