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lovemybabies3 Wed 03-Jan-18 07:27:23

hi all just started doing slimming world again! not going to groups just doing it by myself!

anyone got any sausages they would recommend and there syn value please! iv had the actual butcher 1s that are free and yummy but quite expensive for only 6! thanks all.

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pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Wed 03-Jan-18 08:45:06

The frozen SW sausages in Iceland are nice.
Be careful about local butchers claiming that their sausages are syn-free, as they won't be endorsed by SW, and could vary their recipe and affect syn values.

lovemybabies3 Wed 03-Jan-18 12:22:11

i dont like the slimming world ones! tried them all! oh yes i didnt think of that might leave the butchers 1s from now on then.

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Groovee Wed 03-Jan-18 13:24:50

I like the Heck chicken Italia ones. 1/2 a syn per sausage. I'm not a sausage fan but I love these!

Secretsout Wed 03-Jan-18 20:46:32

I’ve just joined and tonight I cooked the bean and sausage dish from the current magazine. I used Tesco healthy living Cumberland’s and they are 1 Syn each. Perfectly edible and I don’t think they were expensive

Blankiefan Wed 03-Jan-18 21:12:23

How did porky-light-gate end up?

Groovee Wed 03-Jan-18 21:31:37

Still no further forward @Blankiefan

calzone Wed 03-Jan-18 23:07:22

I still eat the porky light sausages.

Bought heck super slim ones today.

lovemybabies3 Thu 04-Jan-18 07:03:26

thanks a few new 1s to try out!

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myusernameisnotmyusername Thu 04-Jan-18 07:17:36

Asda do some light and lean ones that are half a syn each. They've been a revelation to me as dd loves sausages and I just cook them for everyone! They are really nice.

FabulouslyGlamorousFerret Thu 04-Jan-18 07:28:01

Also low fat butchers sausages are the only ones I will eat (diet or no diet) they are gorgeous

NorthernLurker Thu 04-Jan-18 07:30:44

M and s do lean ones that aren't too high. Can't remember but it's on the app

MaverickSnoopy Thu 04-Jan-18 07:33:59

Aldi do fat free ones which are really nice, although I can't remember the syn value off the top of my head.

Raisedbyguineapigs Thu 04-Jan-18 22:41:09

I bought some Tesco healthy eating sausages on offer. Pleased they are only 1 syn. Agree that syn is worth it compared to wasting a meal on those horrible SW sausages! How do you know the butchers ones are low syn? Do you ask for the recipe?

lovemybabies3 Fri 05-Jan-18 06:43:32

hi raisedbyguineapigs , the butcher sausages say slimming world friendly fat free. yes i love sausages so trying to find a really nice 1 thats not too many syns.

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Flutterby81 Fri 05-Jan-18 11:37:05

I also use tesco healthy living ones and think they are really nice and only 1syn each!

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