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Pregnancy & SW

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Hulaballoo Thu 28-Dec-17 18:03:30

I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant and I've already put on 11 pounds. I'm heartbroken. My last 2 pregnancies I put on 5 stones each time and luckily lost it all but I really don't want to put so much on... But I'm already failing...11 pounds since I fell pregnant and today I'm feeling miserable. Saw a panto and the scantily clad dancers just set me off.... Is anyone pregnant and on sw? I started joining online but said if pregnant to join a group. I hate the thought of a group. I lost through sw after my previous pregnancies by joining online... I'm just so down and really want to manage my weight 😥

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liverpoolasslivinginbangor Thu 28-Dec-17 18:21:21

I'm on SW and just found out I'm pregnant- I'm going to talk to my consultant at my next meeting. Trying doing the same xx good luck we can do it xx

zebrapig Thu 28-Dec-17 18:47:33

I was in SW before I got pregnant. You're entitled to two A's and two B's as opposed to the usual one. I put on around 17lbs in my pregnancy but only got to 33 weeks. They emphasis is on eating healthily rather than losing weight; they have strict guidelines about how much you can lose and have a form that you have to fill out and get signed by your midwife to say they are happy for you to lose more. My consultant never checked my form and tbh by about 20 weeks I'd fallen off the wagon anyway as I didn't have the energy to stick to it as it needs so much cooking from scratch.

agteacht Tue 09-Jan-18 08:46:26

How are you getting on OP?

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