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Ijustlovefood Sun 10-Dec-17 09:29:18

Hi, I'm enjoying Slimming World but I'm getting a bit fed up of having to write the food charts and hand them in. Does anyone not do this?

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IheartCaptainHolt Sun 10-Dec-17 11:13:15

I only did it for the first four weeks.

sadeyedladyofthelowlands63 Sun 10-Dec-17 13:29:01

I did it for the first four weeks, then I just wrote A and B on the calendar in the kitchen so I didn't "forget" that I had already had a Healthy Extra. I kept track of syns on the calendar too.

Ijustlovefood Sun 10-Dec-17 16:41:39

I won't get into trouble will I if I conveniently forget to fill one in? I'm trying but I'm having lots of meals out at the mo and some foods I can't find on the list so I'm having to guess the syns anyway.

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Ijustlovefood Sun 10-Dec-17 16:42:30

So far I'm losing the weight slowly and don't have a huge amount to lose. A stone maybe more.

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Ijustlovefood Sun 10-Dec-17 17:49:17

There are some days I just can't be arsed

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MyBrilliantDisguise Sun 10-Dec-17 17:52:01

I think writing down what you've had can really help you to focus on what you're eating. You forget so easily and it's hard not to get indignant when you realise you haven't lost weight, whereas if you had the chart you'd know why.

fastfrank Sun 10-Dec-17 19:04:19

How long have you been on slimming world for? You're only meant to do that for the first 4 weeks. I don't mean to offend you but speaking from my own dieting experiences if you are less than 4 weeks in and you already "can't be arsed" just to write down what you're having and you're guessing syns then I'd be thinking about whether this plan is for you. Why do it (and pay for the privilege) if you're not going to do it properly?

Ijustlovefood Sun 10-Dec-17 19:08:48

Fastfrank, maybe so. I'm going to stick it out. Just having an off day.

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fastfrank Sun 10-Dec-17 19:13:47

Stay strong smile

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