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I cannot diet in the winter, I am just trying to tread water & try not to regain...

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User24681012 Wed 29-Nov-17 12:22:25

All I want to eat is mince pies 🤭 but I'm trying to have lots of cosy but healthy soups to balance them out instead

octonaught Wed 29-Nov-17 12:15:27

Have posted in the SW thread as I have lost about 1.5 stone with them since June.
First Half stone came off in a week, and then it has been a painful 2 steps forward one a half steps back to get this far. I can fluctuate by at least 5 lbs over a period of a month and am trying to lose in increments of about half a stone.
I live abroad so go to meetings when I can, so cannot benefit from the group support.
I am just so not motivated whilst it is cold. I want to put melted cheese on everything
Have not bought any biscuits or anything, but I feel like I just want to maintain my weight loss and then start again in about April when I can bear to eat lettuce.

Anyone else like me>

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