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Can Anyone Help?

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SheDoneAlreadyDoneHadHerses Fri 24-Nov-17 20:08:44

I've cough 4st to lose and I'm leaning towards SW, however I'm under Docs orders to only have 25g of fat a day (I have a frighteningly high cholesterol level) and I wondered if you could do both together?

Many thanks in advance smile

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pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Fri 24-Nov-17 20:48:02

Yes, SW would easily fit in with a low- cholesterol diet plan.

Northernmum100 Sat 25-Nov-17 14:41:10

I am on very low fat due to gallstones and it is working great for me. If you look at it, the principles of fruit, veg, lean meat and fish with very few (if any) processed foods makes sense. Fatty foods all seem to contain syns and as they are limited to 15 per day, it could help you avoid fatty foods pretty well. There are often vouchers in magazines for free joining - Bella,Best,Woman etc. This will get you the pack and input from a consultant and you can see if it would suit you.

Good luck!

GoldenBlue Sat 25-Nov-17 20:56:32

Ive lost over 3 1/2 stone on SW, it was pretty simple and I've kept it off for mp early a year. It's a low fat diet so should suit your requirements.

Good luck x

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