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Dummies guide to SW

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Partyfops Tue 14-Nov-17 18:21:09

I have been thinking of doing SW for a long time. I don't have the confidence to go to a group. I have in the past ordered the books.

Generally I am a perfectly intelligent woman with my own business etc, but I just don't seem to get how it works.

Is there anyone out there with too much time in their hands to hold my hand explain it and get me started with meal ideas please, pretty please. I will be eternally grateful and will even make a charitable donation if you succeed in me understanding it! grin

MrsBanks Tue 14-Nov-17 21:59:46

Don’t know if I can explain it to you but there’s are some good Facebook groups, you may fine helpful. starting myself this week so if you want to hand hold ?

Groovee Wed 15-Nov-17 14:41:32

You have your free foods...

So your fruit, veg, eggs, beans, meats, fish, yoghurt, pasta, etc

These are unlimited.

You then have Healthy extras... these are weighed or grab and go. You have one of each Daily.

You have syns which you can have 5-15 a day. Your syns are oils/butter/snacks etc

Under your fruits and veg you will see S symbols. This is for speed. You are encouraged to fill your plate with 1/3rd speed. Then add your meal. I try to snack on speed or proteins during the day if I feel peckish.

I find the photo below helpful. Is there anything else?

Partyfops Fri 17-Nov-17 07:14:55

Thank you so much, I can't find the books which I had before. I might try and get hold of some new ones.

So with regards to breakfast can I have brown toast as a healthy extra and then the butter/Marge is a syn?

I like the idea of egg on toast.

Partyfops Fri 17-Nov-17 07:15:33

How are you getting on Mrs Banks, have you done SW before?

Groovee Fri 17-Nov-17 08:09:05

It needs to be wholemeal bread not brown. 400g is 2 slices or kingsmill crustless give you 3 slices. You would syn the marg but I just put my eggs on top and don’t bother with butter. Just remember to put your 1/3rd speed on. This was my lunch yesterday.

Mulch Fri 17-Nov-17 08:16:45

Low fat high carb

Partyfops Sat 18-Nov-17 07:42:02

So, I can't find the SW packs I had, but I have managed to find all the lists on Pinterest and having a google. Also alot of ideas on Pinterest which I hadn't thought of before.

So my journey will start today!

I made a spag bol last week and froze half of it, it was made using loads of veg. I think we can have that for tea.

DianaT1969 Sat 18-Nov-17 07:51:25

If you're looking for a way of eating I'd suggest checking the Diet Dr website. It isn't high carb. Having read the Blood Sugar Diet a couple of years ago, I benefitted health-wise (and weight loss) from avoiding too many carbs and keeping my blood sugar stable. No more cravings! I know I'll never be 'on a diet' again.

iBiscuit Sat 18-Nov-17 17:34:06

SW isn't really high carb. Yes, you can eat carbs (indeed your daily HexB - something like porridge oats or Ryvita - is "compulsory"), but if you fill your plate with at least 1/3 speed then it won't be high carb.

I find it much, much more sustainable than low carbing, which worked brilliantly for me when I stuck to it, but failed in that I couldn't keep it up longer term.

iBiscuit Sat 18-Nov-17 17:37:46

Meant also to say op to reconsider joining a group. I've found mine lovely. There are lots and lots of members who couldn't bring themselves to walk through the door the first few times, but are glad they did.

Maybe message the consultant, for a bit of encouragement. Tell her you're anxious about attending - she really will understand smile

didyoureally Sat 18-Nov-17 17:41:33

If you look at the Slimmingeats website there are recipes and loads of meal plans which give a good idea of what you can eat on SW.

didyoureally Sat 18-Nov-17 17:47:39

If you are not keen on joining a group you can join online. I found the website a bit confusing to navigate at first but it is useful. There are lots of recipes, advice and you can check the Syns in most branded foods.

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