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How does it work?

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EveryNameistaken1111 Sun 29-Oct-17 21:25:31

I have to admit I am totally baffled as to how slimming world works! What was your diet beforehand? I'm assuming most people ate a lot and perhaps had no self control or ate lots of bad foods? I have always ate far smaller portions than slimming world people .. I can't believe the portion sizes when I see photos online!.. and by default ate lots of fruit and veg i.e. Never loaded my plate with carbs. It's always been normal for me to have a very balanced plate, more veg and good stuff! I am assuming those that lose weight on slimming world ate very different portions beforehand and perhaps junk or carby foods and had no portion control? I honestly think I'd put on weight if I ate the portion sizes and food types that everyone I see on slimming world eating! It would be more than double my carb Intake and wayyyyyy more calories than I'd ever consume and I'd be eating the same amount of fruit and veg. I don't really snack either.. I eat mostly enough to keep me satisfied but if I'm hungry I just wait until my next meal or if I do so rarely snack I have some fruit or carrot sticks. I'm a size 8 but would like to lose a little bit as I could be trimmer - not a huge deal but I want to ask the question as for a healthy eater, slimming world weight loss seems too good to be true! Probably stating the obvious but for an already healthy and food educated eater, slimming world would do nothing for someone like me right?! Thanks!!

OwlinaTree Sun 29-Oct-17 21:29:17

Well you would just eat what you eat now but look at the sw rules to see if there are any foods you need to tweak, eg you might cut out white bread and swap for wholemeal, or change your breakfast cereal. You wouldn't need to start eating loads more food.

EveryNameistaken1111 Sun 29-Oct-17 21:34:00

Thanks for your reply! I see what you mean. I wouldn't eat white bread and would always choose whole meal for example but I don't really eat bread and carbs .. I think I totally unintentionally follow slimming world already!! smile xx

welshweasel Sun 29-Oct-17 21:36:41

It's essentially a low fat diet, with limited amounts of easy to overdo carbs (bread!).

NorthernLurker Sun 29-Oct-17 21:45:28

If you are a size 8, you most likely don't need to lose weight but could exercise to build muscle tone.

Groovee Mon 30-Oct-17 07:15:22

I would say if your food is good you need to exercise. I’ve started a fitness class which has really toned me up and given me a nice shape along side losing weight.

I gained weight from being ill and a huge love of crisps. But when poorly I wasn’t able to cook properly. So we ate crap rather than working out a solution to eating healthily. I’ve lost 4.5st and hope I can keep it off but getting poorly doesn’t help me at times. But next time I’ll try to forward plan a bit better to ensure I have soup in the freezer etc.

But look into some sort of exercise to tone you up.

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