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Gold member Rejoining after 2 year lapse

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thisgirlrides Sun 22-Oct-17 21:28:12

I lost 4 stone a few years ago & have kept it off until about 6 months ago I sustained an injury and stopped exercising as much and lost my way with eating. I gained 1.5 stone but finally getting back into my exercise routine and want to shift the extra weight.
I can remember most things from SW but think I will benefit from the discipline of regular weigh-ins so going to rejoin my old group tomorrow. Is it mad to feel a bit nervous & also worried it won’t be so easy this time with less to lose? Has much changed in the past 2/3 years? Anyone else gone back after getting to gold?

RhinoGirl Sun 22-Oct-17 22:50:09

The basics of the plan haven’t but some HE have been changed/added and some syn values. Also the introduction of Extra Easy SP, I don’t know if you’ve come across that?

thisgirlrides Mon 23-Oct-17 14:06:19

Ah yes that's super speed food and your healthy extras - I've started back on that I as need a boost to get me motivated. I'm going see if there's still a 'post your meals' thread as I found that really helpful last time. smile

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