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Need help getting back on tack

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Crazycatladyx5 Sat 11-Nov-17 10:39:42

This is helping me too.....some good advice thanks.
I joined in Feb & had lost 9stone 9lbs....lost every week till 2 weeks ago when put half on & then another half on this week. Fell off the wagon after my daughter's birthday party at the end of half term. I know it's not a lot to put back on but it's the fact my mindset has changed....I didn't think I'd binge on sweets & crisps again but it has been so easy to fall back into bad habits. I have a new life now...Im approaching 50 & life is so much better thsn it was . I CAN'T go back. A big pic of me where I'll see it often is a great idea. Gona print some for the pantry door & put one on my phone. Thank you.

Flutterby81 Thu 19-Oct-17 07:32:41

That's a fantastic list of advice inmyshoes smile

Groovee Wed 18-Oct-17 22:50:18

I fell of the wagon last week and felt shit. Realised I don’t want to go back to being over 16st and need to remember that I can have things, just not all in one week!

inmyshoos Wed 18-Oct-17 10:11:44

You can do it ladies!!! Just keep thinking how good slim feels.

Things that helped me lose and keep it off.

• only buy snack things that I don't love for the dc. No Smokey bacon crisps or galaxy choc!!!
• Each night have a snack/treat planned so you can sit down and enjoy. I used to have it planned then once dc were in bed I'd make a cuppa and really savour my treat. If I was tempted during day I would know I couldn't then have my treat at night.
• For every loss of a lb or more I treated myself to something new to wear. I don't have a lot of money but I shop in charity shops so was affordable and great fun. New wardrobe full of White stuff/Boden/Landsend stuff all charity buys!
• if you have a day/evening where you just want to eat eat eat have pickles/beetroot/frozen peas/cold meat to fill up and then a wee treat. My menstrual cycle really affects my appetite!!
• Do exercise of some sort. 30 day shred had amazing results for me. I also walk (Have dogs) around 3 miles a day too. Even swimming once a week will help! You get that exercise buzz.
• keep a photo of you looking your heaviest somewhere to remind yourself why you are doing this. I have one on my phone and it really motivates me. I look at it and think 'oh my Lord is that me!!!!'

I'm a similar age as you sparkly and initially lost the weight for turning 40
I wanted to feel good about myself for my 40th and I did!

Flutterby81 Wed 18-Oct-17 09:47:43

Good luck you can do it in also struggling at the moment! Actual meals are all good Injust seem to lose my self control around a treats and snacks need to get myself under control again smile

sparklymarion Wed 18-Oct-17 09:32:35

Thanks for the reply it's will power I need but il get there x

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inmyshoos Wed 18-Oct-17 00:39:54

Nothing tastes as good as slim feels!
Eat frozen peas like crisps!! I love them.
Learn to eat in a way that keeps the weight off.
Where is it going wrong? Wrong food choices or over eating?
I used to over eat. I can see that now very clearly. I used to have the wrong mindset. Mindset of 'I can eat what I want and not gain weight'. I'm tall so can easily carry an extra stone and stay in same dress size.

I lost 17lbs last year and have kept it off. Was a size 14 and now a 10-12

My eating habits have changed. Although I have always cooked from scratch and love my fruit and veg I now limit the less healthy choices more. So most days I eat maximum of 1 slice of bread. But I have butter and I buy thick bloomer bread (always wholemeal/brown)
Cakes puddings sweets choc crisps I limit
And I always try to have fruit or some other choice but I'm not super strict. I ask myself before I eat - do I really want this. I used to eat just because it was there!

Exercise really helped me lose the weight too. 30 day shred was v helpful. Have stopped doing it now but loved the buzz whilst doing it.

sparklymarion Tue 17-Oct-17 15:28:45

I went to class at the beginning of the year lost a stone was a lovely 9.6 now back at 10.6
Again clothes don't fit me
My boobs are fat again
And I love food and don't want to have to constantly think about it again please
Help I need to be thin
Again with
The occasional treat ! I'm 42 as well so that's hard work as seem to be harder
To loose weight !

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