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Why is it only Mullerlights and 0% natural yoghurt that is free?

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LaGattaNera Sat 16-Sep-17 18:44:46

And not 0% fat other fruit yoghurts, most of which have fewer calories than a Mullerlight, eg Activia 0%?


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m0therofdragons Sat 16-Sep-17 18:47:52

It's not just mullerlights, I just got a Lidl one today and checked on the app. I think it's based on calories then other things like sugar quantity. Free foods are supposed to be filling and sugary things make you crave more sugary things.

Tellmewhatyouknow Sat 16-Sep-17 18:51:23

I don't know about fruit yogurts but I would recommend Skyr and add your own fruit

Skyr Natural is free. High in protein and no sweeteners.

m0therofdragons Sat 16-Sep-17 19:33:17

It's really lovely and thick isn't it?

Groovee Sat 16-Sep-17 23:53:31

I like Danone light and free or Yoplait super fruitii yoghurts. The Lidl Skyr ones are good too.

Mullers are too runny and trigger my reflux.

DailyFailstinks Sun 17-Sep-17 00:06:09

I've just done a search and the Activia 0% comes up as free.

PatriciaHolm Sun 17-Sep-17 00:11:40

Muller and slimming world have an official mark eon partnership, which would explain the preferential positioning...

PatriciaHolm Sun 17-Sep-17 00:11:55


InfiniteSheldon Mon 18-Sep-17 17:00:03

There are hundreds of Fat Free yogurts that come up Free on the App. There are over 600 Free Foods in the book where has this perception that SW is all about Mueller Lights come from? is it just small minds and bandwagons or have I missed something in over a decade of doing Food Optimising and running groups. If you don't like them don't eat them it's not rocket science now is it.

Mittens92 Tue 19-Sep-17 16:17:06

IMHO I think Muller Lighter should be synned! Have you seen the sugar content? 175g pot is approx 12g of sugar! I had Muller Light in the week, about one every couple of days and I gained a pound. Probably a coincidence, but never have I gained, only maintained or loss. I ate plenty of speed food and was on plan 24/7. I stopped eating them now and I have lost 1.5lb.

LaGattaNera Wed 20-Sep-17 20:32:12

ah yes sorry I see that there are many free yoghurts

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