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Struggling with breakfast

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oldguygirl Wed 13-Sep-17 11:08:10

Only my second week . Had a 2lb loss the first week and have maintained this week. However I am really struggling with having speed at breakfast. I am funny about breakfast, hate dairy first thing and need to eat as I have to take tablets with food and can't wait til later the morning. I also don't have lots of time to cook stuff. I have been having two small slices of toast with some synned butter . I usually have fruit mid morning, oranges or apples or sometimes yogurt with berries. Do I have to have the speed with the meal?

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Groovee Wed 13-Sep-17 12:24:33

You don't need to have speed. Would it be easier to take an apple or some easy peelers and eat those as the day goes on?

I usually have an omelette or make eggy muffins and have with spinach as my speed.

Some days I have fruit and yoghurt, or I make overnight oats or half a HE of porridge. I can't eat til 30 minutes post medication, so it gives me time to make something.

oldguygirl Wed 13-Sep-17 12:54:17

Hi thanks. I thought that you needed to have 1/3 speed with every Meal? I usually have an apple or easy peel oranges at about 10/11 am so have my 'speed' later.

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Groovee Wed 13-Sep-17 13:15:51

SW advise you have 1/3rd speed but you don't have to. I upped my speed foods this week and lost 2.5lbs so it does work x

Teacupinastorm Wed 13-Sep-17 13:23:36

I don't religiously have speed foods and still lose most weeks. I always try to where possible but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I also struggle with breakfasts, particularly during the week. Normally I have porridge but if I have that at my usual breakfast time I'm starving 2 hours later! I have started making oat or weetabix muffins and taking them to work in a tub with chopped up apple. I then graze on that all morning and it gets me through till lunch. 6 muffins are your HEB and the apple is speed.

oldguygirl Wed 13-Sep-17 13:40:11

Thanks. I was just trying to look at why I didn't loose. I do try to have as much speed as possible but breakfast just seems to be the one time at don't have it with the meal.

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Groovee Wed 13-Sep-17 15:20:00

Are you drinking lots of water? I aim for 2lts a day.

I always put my speed on the plate first. It can sometimes take our bodies a wee while to realise what's going on.

If you are at a class ask the consultant to go over your diaries and see if there is a problem x

Morrisly40 Sat 30-Sep-17 08:54:38

Hi, hope it's ok to but in but I'm interested in slimming world but wondering about breakfast. I am a creature of habit first than just want something like porridge or Weetabix. Is it ok to have the same thing everyday or do you have to mix it up? Thanks.

SymbollocksInteractionism Sat 30-Sep-17 08:57:15

I've been having 2 chocolate weetabix with frozen berries. Really nice!
Yes you can eat the same breakfast every day, calories are calories.

Rugratwrangler Sat 30-Sep-17 09:03:15

I used to have weetabix minis for breakfast on sw. I don't like milk in my cereal so I'd use yogurt. Throw in some fruit and it's quite a large filling bowl. If I was in a rush I'd have two alpen light bars. I'm not much of a breakfast person to be honest, and since stopping sw I've gotten back to the habit of just having tea in the morning

Groovee Sat 30-Sep-17 16:48:13

@Morrisly40 yes you can have weetabix every day. But it means your HEB choice is gone right away and you only get one on the Extra Easy Plan x

minisnips Mon 02-Oct-17 19:40:43

I am really into couscous on a morning. Soak about 40g if couscous in boiling water with some sugar free squash until all soaked up. I then later with Greek style fat free natural yoghurt and fruit. Really filling and very tasty!! X

Morrisly40 Tue 03-Oct-17 07:16:27

Thanks all, good to know. I can't see past carbs first thing haha so will see how I get on. I can't eat cous cous as it makes me very bloated for some reason. I can eat Bulgar wheat ok.

Morrisly40 Tue 03-Oct-17 07:19:54

Thanks all good to know. Will see how I get on. I can't see past toast or porridge in morning but guess then I'd have to change what I have for snacks later. I can't eat cous cous it bloats me up for some reason. Bulgar wheat is ok. Cheers.

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