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Your favourite meals from the mag, please?

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LoudestRoar Fri 08-Sep-17 19:57:20

Looking for some inspiration. Would you mind posting your favourite meals from the SW magazine or otherwise please?

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Groovee Sat 09-Sep-17 14:48:49

I love Nacho Style Feast. Google SW and the recipe name x

Saladd0dger Sat 09-Sep-17 14:54:11

Tikka turkey burgers always go down well in this house even with fussy eaters. I think I got it off the slimming world website.

tabulahrasa Sat 09-Sep-17 17:43:56

There was a nice curry in the current magazine, began with a k... anyway, that was lovely.

LoudestRoar Sat 09-Sep-17 18:52:51

Thank you, will look these up!

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