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Question about Chicken Drumsticks

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qwertyberty Wed 23-Aug-17 18:00:29

Thanks for the reply. I think the I have to give away the tinned fruit.

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InfiniteSheldon Wed 23-Aug-17 17:57:18

You can cook chicken with skin on but take it off before you eat it. A skin free drumstick is Free a skin on drumstick is 3 syns. Tinned pineapple is synnex same as cooked pineapple. All tinned, cooked, mashed, pureed or juiced fruit is synned same as its cooked value

qwertyberty Wed 23-Aug-17 17:54:17

My understanding was that chicken was classed as free, if all fat removed. But I have had chicken drumsticks and removed all the skin but in the books and online it says that they are synned as 3 per drumstick (with skin). I cant find anything that confirms that chicken drumsticks, without skin, is free.
Can anyone help me and confirm, either are they synned or not?

Also, I have tinned pineapples in natural juice, and looked and see that these have to be synned to. It seems abit confusing or am I being thick?

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