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Any one loose or maintain whilst on holiday? Tips appreciated

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OuchLegoHurts Sun 27-Aug-17 15:28:46

I lost 4lb on holidays this year. Walked most mornings for 30 mins fast before it got too hot. Speed fruit and quark with honey for breakfast. Salad with wholemeal bread (Hex B) for lunch and then grilled fish or meat with salad and potatoes etc for dinner. Drank plenty of alcohol! Just didn't touch ice creams, pizzas, while bread rolls etc

Northernmum100 Fri 25-Aug-17 11:16:41

I came back 4 days before my weigh in was due and did SP days to get back on track and focus my mind. Had a maintain on the scales and was happy with that-didnt go crazy on holiday but ate bread which I usually avoid and consumed buckets of gin and Sangria...

OwlinaTree Thu 24-Aug-17 09:27:10

My tip is if it's buffet style eating put your third speed on first, big salad on your plate etc. Then put on whatever you are going to have, this limits your portion. I also tried to have similar breakfast and lunch to choco. Also avoid bread.

Love51 Tue 22-Aug-17 16:26:13

I once lost weight on holiday without even trying. It was pre kids, and basically, we did loads and loads of walking. We went to a few cities on the Rhine, had cake for breakfast, and walked miles.

Groovee Tue 22-Aug-17 16:00:24

I lost in Florida. It was too hot to eat, so I tended to have soup with salad. Then all the walking. I was holding my cropped trousers up walking through the scanner at security on the way home 😂.

My recent holiday in Spain had a 5.5lb gain for a week but I know my food choices were excellent, it was my alcohol as I don't normally drink but put it to good use on holiday with full fat juice.

Callmegeoff Tue 22-Aug-17 14:56:57

Thanks for replying and very good tips, I'll definitely try those.

Just noticed my mistake, for some reason lose is one of those words I have a mental block on spelling. Oops

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chocoshopoholic Tue 22-Aug-17 09:50:36

I maintained in my 2 weeks in Turkey by creating my own rules I could live by but still enjoy myself.

My rules
- water only to drink until evening meal, and then I could have wine etc if I wanted it.
- 3 meals but no snacking per day
- Breakfast - fresh fruit
- Lunch - meat and salad
- Dinner - anything that I felt like

I also did a lot of walking /swimming.

Callmegeoff Tue 22-Aug-17 09:30:24

Hi, my weight loss journey has been slow but steady and I achieved my 1 stone award today. I'm off to Florida for 2 weeks this Thursday and really don't want to put any weight back on. I've got another 4 to loose and am the sort of person that may give up if too much damage is done. Help!

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