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Worth joining?

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Raindancer411 Thu 03-Aug-17 06:53:29

Hi all,

I am not sure whether or not it's worth joining in my situation, or an unnecessary pay out. Most people say they lose 6lb in their first week, and I only need to lose 6lb in total.

I am 5'2, weigh 8st 8 most of the time and want to get back to my pre prefer weight of 8st 2.

So is it worth paying out or do I just need to google some meal plans for a couple of weeks to try and do at home?

Thanks for the advice and help

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FoofFighter Thu 03-Aug-17 09:39:06

I would just go it alone for that I think, get some recipes from the website or pinch of nom

Most info is googleable for free

FoofFighter Thu 03-Aug-17 09:39:48

I think sw also has a minimum weight loss target so that might be an issue with just 6lbs.

Raindancer411 Thu 03-Aug-17 10:34:02

Thanks both smile

If anyone had any good meal ideas, let me know...

Off to search

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Underthemoonlight Thu 03-Aug-17 10:41:57

I think it's over kill to be joining sw when your already a healthily weight

Groovee Thu 03-Aug-17 11:02:53

You need to loose at least 7lb to join SW.

Try some of the 7 day meal planners on their site. I only lose about 3lb in my first weeks though.

OwlinaTree Thu 03-Aug-17 16:44:17

Honestly, I'd be surprised if you could lose 6lb in a week at that starting point. You could probably join at that weight as the minimum is probably round 7.11. How hard do you find it to maintain around 8.8? Have you cut out lots of unhealthy stuff already?

Raindancer411 Thu 03-Aug-17 17:50:28

I fluctuate around 8.8/8.9 but want to get back to 8.2 before pregnancy. I know it sounds silly but that 6/7lb looks a lot on me as I am petite.

Eating wise I have cut out a lot of chocolate and biscuits and now trying to cut out bread as that didn't make much of a difference.

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OwlinaTree Thu 03-Aug-17 19:31:57

No it doesn't sound silly. It depends really on whether you want to spend the money. If you joined and it took you six weeks, you'd still have the books etc to do it again in the future, and to help you maintain. However, cutting down on bread and booze for a few weeks will probably have the same effect!

Raindancer411 Thu 03-Aug-17 19:45:47

Owlinatree - I will carry on trying the no bread route (I don't drink so can't cut that out any more lol)

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monkeysaymonkeydo Thu 03-Aug-17 20:03:56

I would just download the slimming world app as there are loads of recipes on there and you don't have to be a member to view them. Stick with them for a few weeks until you hit your target.

I joined 2 weeks ago but I have 2 stone to lose. Lost 3 lb in my first week and finding the plan and recipes great so far.

Good luck with your target x

Raindancer411 Thu 03-Aug-17 20:29:11

Good luck with all yours too smile

I know someone they did it and lost a lot but it's changed since she did it last (or I am taking her word for they as I don't know)

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