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Needing motivation

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GoldenBlue Wed 12-Jul-17 13:57:15

A nice grill up is good too, I use quirn sausages as they are lower fat. Include grilled tomato, mushrooms and tinned tomatoes to fill up the rest of the plate but enjoy a bit of bacon and eggs and feel a bit naughty (I syn some ketchup too smile

Strugglebug Wed 12-Jul-17 13:39:36

That's brilliant, thanx goldenblue. I have wrote it all up on a big sheet of paper and stuck it on my fridge 😁

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GoldenBlue Wed 12-Jul-17 13:16:13

Breakfast - Overnight oats
40g oats, dollop of quark, dollop of low fat yoghurt, big handful of frozen fruit. Leave in the fridge overnight.

Snack - apple, low fat cheese triangles, celery

Lunch - massive salad, lean meat

Snack - hifi bar (3 Syns)

Tea - massive salad or pile of veg, meat, maybe small portion of boiled potatoes

Pud if feeling in need - fruit, or quark and lemon curd (3 Syns), or chocolate bar such as curly Worley (6 syns)

For me lunch is always salad in summer, veg in winter

Evening meal can include stir fry, bollonaise with veg, curry with veg and maybe a small amount of rice, roast dinner (slimming world roasties) syn the Yorkshire. Occasionally I'll have egg on toast (either syn the bread or as hb) with tomatoes and mushrooms to add sufficient speed food

The main focus is to get a third of your plate as speed food at each meal smile if you can manage that you will lose weight

Strugglebug Wed 12-Jul-17 12:38:20

I have been on and off sw for a year, I did loose 7lb but put it back on.
I have 3st to loose.
I'm struggling with what to eat because as bad as it sounds most things I do eat are syns, God that is bad!!!!
Would be really greatful if you could give me a run down of your daily meals and snacks. Thanx guys ☺️

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