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Need some help about hexB. Will include screenshots

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Yukbuck Sat 24-Jun-17 16:42:07

So I bought some alpen light bars which count towards Hex B. Do I have to have 2 ? Or can I only have 1?! I'm so confused. The same with the healthy living ones. They count towards Hex B but mention 2.

Someone help please!!! I started this week and have been good so far. Want to stick to it as much as is possible.

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LavenderRainbows Sat 24-Jun-17 21:58:17

Hi you can have 2 as a normal HexB
Same as hifi bars, you can have 2.

I think you can have 1 to boost weight loss (I always have 2) grin

Yukbuck Sat 24-Jun-17 22:31:05

Cool - thank you 😊 I'm doing it online and not going to the groups so I'm still working my way around the website and the online chat hasn't worked for me this evening as it's been down.
So could I have one alpen bar and one of the tesco ones and that would be HexB or would one count as syns?

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Groovee Sun 25-Jun-17 04:38:27

You can have one of each x

tabulahrasa Sun 25-Jun-17 08:39:46

Things that you can have 2 or 1 of (or 4 or 2 for ryvita) basically have enough fibre in 1 to count as a b choice but don't meet the calorie content.

So if you were after a big loss that week you could just have the 1 and you're still getting the fibre.

And yes, it's fine to mix and match.

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