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Superhero2 Wed 14-Jun-17 19:55:38

We're trying to conceive no. 2 we were incredibly lucky with our first as despite pcos I maintained a healthy weight and we conceived by accident very quickly!

However gained a huge amount of weight during pregnancy and haven't lost it. Trying to follow slimming world but it's a long haul hardly loosing anything despite following plan and the odd week where I might have a day or 2 with flexible syns I gain huge amounts despite all my hard work. It's getting me down. Any tips advice on following plan/loosing weight with pcos??

GoldenBlue Fri 16-Jun-17 13:51:21

Pcos apparently works best with very low carbs, I'm not sure why but apparently the hormone imbalance resulting from pcos impacts on the bodies tolerance for carbs. In which case slimming world sp would work better for you than standard extra easy.

Worth giving it a go to see if it suits. Otherwise Adkins now have a more relaxed approach that does include green veg now.

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