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Starting a 7 week count down to summer 1.5 stone to lose

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00alwaysbusymum Mon 05-Jun-17 12:36:09

Today I'm restarting slimming world, been doing it on line and would love a buddy or support.

Weighed this morning at 12st 7.5lbs and really want to be back to 11 stone in time for school holidays partly to get back into my summer clothes !

Struggling with motivation and can't exercise as hurt my leg 😥

Anyone want to join in x
Hoping my target is doable x

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SharkSkinThing Mon 05-Jun-17 22:17:18

I would love to join you! I have it all ready to start tomorrow so will weigh in and post (gulp). A friend passed on her pack to me so spent the weekend reading and stocking up on speed foods!

I have four stone to lose, with a goal of 1.5 by 24/07.

Sorry about your leg. Happy to just focus on getting the food right, then add a bit of body magic later?


00alwaysbusymum Mon 05-Jun-17 22:24:44

Good luck ! I lost 4 stone last year - but put 1.5 stone back on, probably all chocolate, bread & hobnobs 🤣. Would love to get to 10 stone by Christmas !

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busyboysmum Mon 05-Jun-17 22:28:44

Hi. Jumping in to join you if I may? I'm 5 foot 7 and 73 kg. Really want to get down to 69 kg by end of July when we go on holiday.

I'm kind of writing off this coming weekend as have child free reunion with best friend from achool who now lives abroad.

However I am very motivated thereafter.

SharkSkinThing Mon 05-Jun-17 22:32:44

Great! Good luck to the three of us, then, starting at some point this week!

Will post weight and menu plan in the morning. Want to be sure I'm understanding it right!

didireallysaythat Mon 05-Jun-17 22:37:49

Count me in. I was 80kg on Saturday morning (I've decided that's my new weigh in day) I'm doing it online so I don't have any of the books and when the website isn't crashed I'm just tracking as I eat.

Is there anything special we have to do ? I think I'm doing to stop alcohol as I do snack when tipsy....

00alwaysbusymum Mon 05-Jun-17 23:14:05

Great the more the merrier 😀

Well today has been on plan so far.

Breakfast: muller light yogurt & 2 boiled eggs
Lunch: ham salad, and fruit salad
Dinner: chicken stir fried with courgette, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, spices & rice, and coleslaw salad 2 syns

Snacks - 2 chicken drumsticks & options hot chocolate (2 syns)

Total 4 syns

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Mulch Mon 05-Jun-17 23:22:20

Heya im in not following a diet persay but got my other half's graduation in next 5weeks and I want to look banging

SharkSkinThing Tue 06-Jun-17 05:18:49

Hello to all the joiners.

Weighed in today at dead on 14 stone, ffs.

Have planned the following:

BF: omlette with tomatoes and mushrooms
LU: Jacket potato with beans and salad
DI: Chicken salad

HEX A: 30g cheese
HEX B: 0

Snacks: fruit and Muller light
Syns: 0 as will probably save for wine!

Exercise: aiming for 10,000 steps and a swim.

Really, really determined to crack this, my weight is really getting me down!

Will post later to see how everyone is doing.

Have great days everyone! 👊

00alwaysbusymum Tue 06-Jun-17 07:45:06

Sounds nice shark, I love an omelette 😀

I always find I need to eat quite a bit the first few days to get back into the swing of things and stop me grabbing biscuits

I'm very boring in the week when working

Planning breakfast: muller light & banana
Lunch: ham & egg salad, and melon
Dinner: Mexican chicken, veg & rice & coleslaw salad

Snacks apples & grapes

And Lots of coffee I'm soooo tired this morning. 😴

I find being good so hard as I work in an open plan office with a ridiculous amount of chocolate & cakes and biscuits all the time

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busyboysmum Tue 06-Jun-17 07:49:50

I'm writing off breakfast as an experiment having read a thread about it on here. I'm fine when I'm busy at work my problem is that I finish work at 3pm, collect the kids from school then can't stop eating.

Plan is no breakfast, a 300 calorie lunch and then I'll have plenty to play with when I get home. Lots of herbal tea. Avoid the rubbish. Hope everyone has a good day.

OwlinaTree Tue 06-Jun-17 08:56:12

Shark, all looks good but I'd recommend having your hexb. There's loads you can have, do you have the books? It's high fibre and it will stop you getting bunged upgrin

Mulch Tue 06-Jun-17 09:06:51

Plan today

Smoked Salmon, scrambled egg, cucumber, cottage cheese

Chicken breast broccoli

Steak, sweet potato fries, Peppers onions ext

Mango, Oranges and strawberries to snack

1hr 30mins walking fasted morning
Body combat.

Will post measurements don't bother weighing

Mulch Tue 06-Jun-17 09:25:37

Waist 35inches smallest part
Waist 45inches largest part

Got some serious weight to shift

Groovee Tue 06-Jun-17 09:39:04

I'm going for 5lb in June! Want to try and get my 3st award then!

Sue97 Tue 06-Jun-17 11:31:32

Can I join. I am almost the same weight as the original poster. I have a trip to Italy for four days and a week in hospital in June so not sure how these will impact on my weight.

SharkSkinThing Tue 06-Jun-17 12:22:25

Me too, always, I work at a university, and the biscuit tin is always overflowing! Your and busy's and Mulche's meal plans sound great.

Owlina - thanks for the tip! I need no encouragement to add some extra food! Going to add some sunflower seeds to my yogurt for a bit of crunch. Welcome, Sue.

I swam this morning, and am on track to do my 10,000 steps, too (so long as I can get a pre-school run walk in along the beach). Worked out that I can have two bottles of wine a week, and I will really plan my nibbles so I don't crash and burn and eat crisps. Seen a great recipe for homemade hummus which I can dunk crudites in instead!

Groovee - three stone! Marvelous! Incredible loss, you must be thrilled!

Groovee Tue 06-Jun-17 14:33:38

Thanks Shark. Have lost 3St 5Lb since June last year. Faffed about until Dec, then got fully on board!

00alwaysbusymum Tue 06-Jun-17 16:57:51

I've stuck to plan all day - but really tired and find that really makes me hungry. sadneed to make a big dinner when I get home !

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busyboysmum Tue 06-Jun-17 19:26:01

I stuck to the plan and am about to do a Les Mills Body Balance class which I love.

Hope everyone has had a good day today.

SharkSkinThing Tue 06-Jun-17 21:50:38

Nice work, always and busy! Like the sound of body balance, too.

I am now tucked up in bed (to stop me snacking). Stuck to plan, prepped lunch for work tomorrow, and as well as a swim managed 13,500 steps. Trying not to be too eager and rigid though, as this is what makes me crack and binge by day 3!

Look forward to catching up tomorrow, well done everyone! 🌟🌟🌟

Groovee Tue 06-Jun-17 22:12:23

Lost 1.5lb this week. Happy with that.

SharkSkinThing Wed 07-Jun-17 05:21:05

I would be too, Groovee!

Today I'm planning:

BF: Cottage cheese and crudités
LU: Salad with rice and tofu
DI: Jacket and beans and salad

Usual snacks (Muller and fruit) and usual HEX choices.

Aiming for 10,000 steps.

What is everybody else up to?

Groovee Wed 07-Jun-17 06:36:34

Got work at 12, so lazy brekkie of fruit and yoghurt. Early lunch of omelette, spaghetti Bol for tea. Brownies tonight, so may 6000 steps if I can move post Burlesque

00alwaysbusymum Wed 07-Jun-17 07:42:37

Well yesterday I changed my mind about dinner so made a pork stroganoff.

I had a total of 6 syns, caved and had a Digestive with my options hot chocolate!

Today working so same as usual
Breakfast muller light and banana
Lunch ham & egg salad melon fruit salad
Dinner spag Bol (I made a big lots of syn free sauce last night for one meal this week and one next week, the children love it as I purée it down for them!

Happy the sun is shinning today - hopefully will motivate me to lose weight for summer!

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