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Hotel there were mirrors. Hate myself.

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tararabumdeay Mon 29-May-17 19:10:54

I'm home now. Can't believe what I look like. 10 years ago I could look at myself, now I can't.

We had a great weekend, did some walking and cycling but the mirrors told the truth.

I'm going back to work with my eyes looking out of my head; not looking at me because I can't believe what other people see.

If I looked at me I'd say she eats too much; she doesn't move enough; she doesn't care. I don't, I try, I do.

I'm just 53.

10 years ago I was as fit and toned as the walking woman on the BBC.

Be kind.

MissSmiley Mon 29-May-17 19:24:02

It's not a case of eating too much and not moving enough. You're eating the wrong things. You're probably insulin resistant. Lots of people are. Try reading about it on diet doctor website. There are lots of stories about people in your position who changed the way they ate. You can do it. We've been told the wrong things for years about food. It's not your fault. Get reading.

Groovee Tue 30-May-17 20:19:13

I was at my heaviest last June and was only 38! I was told I couldn't have medical treatment as my BMI was too high. It was 44. I've now lost 3st 5lbs and got my BMI down to 34.4.

Maybe use something like MyFitnessPal pal which is an app to see how many calories you are consuming!

I am doing slimming world now and there is so much free food to eat. It suits me and my family life. But there are lots of ways to lose weight, it's finding what suits you best.

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