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I'm stuck!

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Chesterfuckingdraws Tue 30-May-17 22:52:21

2lb off today so at least it's moving down again! Fingers crossed I get to target soon, only 5lb to go.

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Chesterfuckingdraws Tue 23-May-17 23:27:51

I'm following a training program for a 10k so 3 times a week I walk/run for an hour and one day I run 5k (so out 4 times a week)
I should probably do some strength work but to be honest I just can't be arsed, but I'll need to if just changing up my food doesn't work.
Thank you, I'm really determined not to creep back to my starting post so I'm trying not to jack it all in!

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IDefinitelyWould Tue 23-May-17 22:46:06

Could you build in some extra exercise? When I got to target (before ds) I started to walk every evening for a couple of miles and it really helped shift the last few pounds. You 've done amazingly! Don't get downhearted.

Chesterfuckingdraws Tue 23-May-17 18:19:00

No snacking allowed this week!
I went through a phase of syns in meals only near the beginning and I enjoyed it...I'm already planning avocado in tomorrow's salad!

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ALemonyPea Tue 23-May-17 17:54:04

Just having three meals a day certainly helps as well. I've been using my syns in meals, and it's made them so much more exciting. Wish I'd done that from the start tbh.

Chesterfuckingdraws Tue 23-May-17 17:26:14

I only started the food diary up again last week, recording things on the app and definitely found it helped and stopped me snacking -even on fruit/free stuff.
Great idea about the speed HEB, never thought of that.
I'm going to try restricting my syns and only using them in meals rather than treats and I'll definitely monitor portion size too.
I'm determined to do this!

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Babyonboard101 Tue 23-May-17 17:22:51

I don't have any advice but your body has stopped losing because it's adjusted to the diet you're on, so change it again and you should start to lose smile Good luck smile

ALemonyPea Tue 23-May-17 17:13:50

Switch things up a bit, have speed B choices (so one hiding/Alpen bar, or two ryvita), have a max of 7.5 syns, min of 5.

I've found the last bit such a hard slog. Only 4.5lb for me, and it's so slow. Smaller portions needed maybe?

Delphi2022 Tue 23-May-17 17:10:45

Do you keep a food diary? I used to keep one and that helped me to win lots of awards. My sister tried that upon my recommendation and realised she was slipping in areas.

Chesterfuckingdraws Tue 23-May-17 16:30:26

Thank you both.
Last week I was back to basics and really thought that would kick start things but nope! I'll try the SP meals and really look at my portions, I already eat the scan bran but do normally have 5 for HEB at lunch and I also drink approx 3/4 litres of water a day.

Might try the 777 thing but I don't really understand it if I'm honest, it's just so frustrating,

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Delphi2022 Tue 23-May-17 14:33:38

Well done on what you have achieved so far! DO NOT do what I did and give up. My sister also became stuck for ages but unlike me just kept going and did some of what Pandora recommended and she has hit target now and looks great! Good luck.

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Tue 23-May-17 13:53:31

I am a long-time target member, but when I need a boost, such as when I've had a gain on holiday, the things which help me are:
At last one SP meal each day.
Portion control.
2 scan bran daily and plenty of water.
You have done really well, so don't be disheartened: the scales will start to move down again.

Chesterfuckingdraws Tue 23-May-17 12:02:41

I've been doing slimming world for just over a year and I've lost 3st 10lb (slow I know but I only ever seem to lose 1-2lb a week). Over the past few months I've been stuck at the same weight and it really starting to get to me!
I've got 7lb to target, but it feel like I'll never get there.
I've not changed the way I do SW at all do I'm not sure why I've stopped losing.
Any tips to restart shifting the lbs?

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