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IBS and Weight Gain

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ChippyTea16 Mon 15-May-17 12:11:33


Does anyone know if IBS affects weight gain? I know everyone is different but I have been on plan but the last 3 weeks were 0.5lbs loss for 2 weeks in a row and then last week I gained 0.5lbs after a really good week of being on plan and exercising (I have always done a lot of exercise so the only thing that has changed really are my food habits).

I know writing it down like that doesn't seem like a lot but I've been on plan and really wanting a 3lbs + loss (I've got a couple of stone to lose so it's not like I have plateaued).

I've felt really awful with IBS and really bad PMT that last couple of weeks (sort of merged into one big pain starting with PMT cramps then stomach problems) and have been really bloated etc.

Was really upset to see a gain last week and I know if it's another gain or maintain this week I'm just going to throw in the towel and say this doesn't work for me.

Has this happened to anyone else? For reference, I am on week 10 of SW and I'm not pregnant (I checked!). Just frustrated my losses have slowed down so much and I've gained on one of my better weeks. I've lost more weight on weeks I've done no exercise and been to weddings! Argh!

Thanks! x

OwlinaTree Mon 15-May-17 12:21:49

It sucks when you are stuck. The bloating won't help, and that will mask any actual fat loss im sure. I don't have ibs, so I've no specialist knowledge, sorry.

Really hope you have a good loss next week and that you feel better too.

ChippyTea16 Mon 15-May-17 12:34:02

Thank you! I wasn't sure if bloating could actually have an impact on the scales really. I just know I'm a bit irrational sometimes and even if there's a valid reason I will get upset and sabotage myself if I gain again! x

legolammb Mon 15-May-17 20:17:17

Sending you sympathy! IBS is a pain trying to lose weight - I struggle to do the 1/3 speed thing as too much fibre makes me so windy sad

Definitely think the bloating could have an effect, along with the PMT as well, could be causing you to retain fluid. I hear people recommending cutting down on salt to help stop water retention. Give it a couple of weeks and hopefully everything will catch up

ChippyTea16 Wed 17-May-17 09:02:17

Thank you legolammb it's not really any better this week and weigh in is tomorrow night...eugh. I'm the same with the speed, eating lots of veg makes me double over in pain sometimes. Might have a chat to them at the group and see what they recommend x

orenisthenewblack Sat 20-May-17 22:49:41

I'm on week 7 and have found that my IBS symptoms have more or less disappeared along with heartburn .

Goes to show I was eating all the wrong stuff.

feelingoldandtired Mon 22-May-17 15:14:05

I feel the same sat here and my stomach is killing I've tried to increase with foods that are high in fibre and have been has some pure orange juice today which normally works even though it's going odd plan tummy is killing though.

feelingoldandtired Tue 23-May-17 15:34:02

You've probably never had Ina but sorry was having a bad day and don't normally get defensive about my dyslexia

BeeThirtythree Wed 24-May-17 04:56:59

I could have written this post! Down to the pregnancy check and 10 weeks on plan! I feel exactly the same and have no answers. I don't add salt to food, keep a very low salt diet. I literally run about after DD2 as well. My heartburn went, not taking medication for that now, but ibs seems to flare up more. I was ready to give up but then a dress I had ordered...hoping to be nearer a dress size down, arrived in the post and gave me some renewed hope that I can do this, albeit slowly!
Stick with eat, see what happens in a few week as pp said, speak to group/online members and hopefully changing something/trying a new method will work for you (and me)

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