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Damaged metabolism

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teenyteen Sat 06-May-17 10:27:39

Hi All smile

I just wondered if anyone who is resistant to weight loss has lost weight on SW?

I did years of crash diets and I always lost weight but now I'm getting older and have two children I can't seem to lose weight sad

I have tried every single diet so far and nothing seems to work, the only one I am yet to try is SlimmingWorld. Could years of yo yo dieting of damaged my metabolism? Can it be fixed? Someone please help sad

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GoldenBlue Sat 06-May-17 20:12:54

Hi teeny,
I believe that reduced metabolism tends to respond better to lower carbs. This might mean that Slimming World SP might suit you.

This is a diet based around 50% of your plate being lower cal vegetables/salad/fruit and 50% protein. A small measured amount of high fibre carbs and dairy each day. And an allocated number of syns to spend on treats.

Alternative adkins is also low carb, but more strictly so and I found it harder to stick to.

Good luck x

FaithAgain Sun 07-May-17 13:07:44

My weight has yo-yoed for 27 years! Restrictions by my well meaning but relatively unhelpful mother started when I was 9....I've done calorie counting, WW (twice!), low carb. Never stuck and never got to a target weight.

I joined SW in October. I've found it surprisingly easy! I eat plenty, I eat well, I find myself making healthy choices. So far I've lost 2 stone 11lb, gone from obese to a couple of lb outside my healthy weight range. I'm almost at target now. I haven't felt deprived. There's times when I chose something sugary but I used to binge a lot and I've pretty much stopped (odd occasions rather than most days) because I'm not in that binge/purge cycle. I'd highly recommend it!

teenyteen Mon 08-May-17 21:43:13

Thanks golden blue I tried atkins and didn't hardly lose anything despite being strict and depriving myself! I'm going to do SW but be very careful of my carbs, like you said I think it's the best way.

Faith again that is amazing!! Keep up the great work grin it's really disheartening when you try so hard but don't lose I'm really hoping it works for me xx

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FaithAgain Mon 08-May-17 22:46:53

Thanks blush smile I'd say it's definitely worth trying. I am careful with my carbs but since I started, I've obviously reduced my processed carb intake a lot and find I don't crave them like I did.

everythingstaken123 Sat 13-May-17 06:39:47

Tennyteen - I could have written your post. I have tried all sorts of diets over the years. I have now got two children and have pretty much been on a diet since the youngest was born - she's 2.5 now. In the last year, every diet i've tried has led me to put on weight instead of lose it. I started Slimming World very recently. On the first week I only lost 0.5lb whilst everyone else clocked up huge numbers. But 0.5lb is 2.5 stone in a year so any loss is good. This week I lost 2lb. Having been on most diets, I think Slimming World is brilliant. It is really easy and I never feel deprived. If i have had a blowout meal, I just go back onto it for the next meal whereas before I'd have felt annoyed with myself for breaking the diet. This week I lost 2lb. Like people say, I'm sure you could lose more weight if you did SP with Slimming World but for the start I'm sticking with extra easy because it is extra easy. I feel ok with a slow weight loss as long as it is weight loss and i'm just going to have to take my time over it. But definitely try it. It is certainly worth a shot. For me, i have barely had to change much because the swops are easy. Definitely give it a go but be prepared to lose less weight than everyone else because your body is that way inclined. But you will get there.

namechangeforanonymity Sat 13-May-17 14:06:48

my metabolic rate was badly affected by the hyperemesis suffered in all of my pregnancies. After each pregnancy it got harder to shift any weight and I gained weight at ever increasing rates.

I found the Slimming World food optimising thing worked for me but coupled it with having very few carbs over and above the daily Healthy extra B choice which forms part of the SW plan.

I also read an article by one of those self-styled nutrition advisors to celebrities. He said most celebs with a figure needing to be maintained (so the work doesn't dry up) just don't eat carbs after lunch unless it's after a workout. So toast/cereal for breakfast - fine, small jacket potato/pasta/rice dish for lunch - fine. Come dinner time in the evening just meat/meat substitute and vegetables.

I've lost 4 stone now in 8 months following SW and being very careful re carbs portion size/timing of carbs.

Things have got even easier in recent years as there are so many carb alternatives now, although they're often not cheap. Spiralised vegetables like courgettes and butternut squash and sweet potatoes etc. Rice and noodle alternatives made of konjac flour (although I'm not a fan of these but can see the attraction for others).

Hope you take the plunge and get there in the long run.

teenyteen Sun 14-May-17 18:15:40

Can I just say well done to you both, I know it's not easy when everyone else is loosing quicker when your putting the same effort in! I bet you feel better now your losing a bit faster keep up the hard work grin I feel so much better after reading these comments, I now know I'm not alone shock I think SlimmingWorld is the best thing I can do as fad diets just do not work for me now, I believe the only way I can lose is eating healthy. I go to my class on Wednesday so I'm really hoping I do lose even if it's half a pound it's a start smile keep me updated on your weight loss journey guys your doing great xx

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everythingstaken123 Sun 14-May-17 20:48:48

Turns out that whilst i'd lost 2lb on my home scales, at my group weigh in i'd only lost 0.5lb again! So in two weeks I'd lost 1lb and the group supervisor basically made out that I obviously couldn't stick to plan and that i must be eating tons of syns. I actually hadn't had more than 7 on any one day. So went home and felt really upset. Have been low all weekend but my mother and husband have been amazing at bolstering me up and now your message has just arrived reminding me I'm not alone. I will continue with SW anyway because I think it's a good plan to follow and also follow namechange's advice. I don't mind going carb free after lunch - I could probably do extra easy SP if i wanted but as I have two children who don't sleep and therefore i'm always knackered, i don't dare. Tired mummy and hungry mummy does not make for a nice day! Good luck both of you. Namechange - 4 stone is amazing!!

GoldenBlue Mon 15-May-17 06:57:12

I eat lower carbs and after the first few days I actually think you feel less hungry when you have fewer. I tend to find if I eat simple carbs that an hour later I'm hungry etc. I try to eat mostly complex carbs if I'm having them, the protein is what I find most filling.

Mix a bit of quark with your yoghurt, snack on boiled eggs and meat, eat loads of veg and slowly but surely it will come off x

everythingstaken123 Wed 24-May-17 17:55:17

How did you get on Teenyteen? I'm down 3 in 3 weeks. Woo! At least it's down and not up. I'm actually ok with it now as it's just going to take longer. Would love to know how you got on.

BabyG2004 Mon 05-Jun-17 14:42:24

I am the same Everythingstaken123 only 5lb down in 5 weeks :-( I too feel a bit disappointed but when I look back over the 5 weeks I truly feel that I have enjoyed my food. I do think I could be more strict but as long as it keeps coming off even if its 1lb a week then that's better than a gain. I am enjoying the GYM too, so I will stick to what I am doing and hope that I keep losing.

sparechange Mon 05-Jun-17 14:45:14

Have a look at The Body Coach plan

It is amazing for metabolic problems...

Low carb, eating every few hours, very high in fibre and protein. Works wonders...

zenasfuck Mon 05-Jun-17 14:56:18

Slimming world won't teach you much about healthy eating, portion control and can lead to further metabolic adaptation.
Get yourself over to Facebook and join Team RH fitness. They really know their stuff and are so supportive and passionate

Btw this is from someone who lost 6 stone with slimming world last year

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